On Human Dignity: The Month of Leo

July 16, 2015
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A hhh Leos. If you’re a Leo or you know one, then you’re no stranger to how fiery things can get this month!


There are many positive traits possessed by Leos. Like their majestic symbol, the lion, Leos are straightforward. They feel no need to skirt around an issue or hide their true feelings—you can always count on a Leo to give you an honest opinion in the dressing room! Also, the loyalty they show to their friends and loved ones does not waiver. They will stand up to defend the beliefs, principles, and people they believe in. A Leo is someone you want to take with you into the trenches.


A mighty force brimming with confidence, power and ability, self-assured, magnanimous, as well as a natural born leader… a Leo is certainly impressive and hard to ignore.  What’s even harder to ignore is the energy available for us this month… so let’s ensure we all get the lion’s share of it! This New Moon of Leo post is intended to not only help guide you through the month, but help you understand aspects of a Leo personality if you happen to be a Leo, or someone in your family, a friend, or a partner is a Leo.  But for now, let’s learn how we can all avert the challenges that may come up this month.


Rav Berg was born in the month of Leo and shared what he felt was the most important idea and lesson that we should all internalize:


“Love thy neighbor as thyself.”


The Rav emphasized that for this month, the most important thing to keep in mind is to always treat others with human dignity and respect, no matter what. Our challenge is to dedicate ourselves to loving our neighbor as ourselves, to share, to go beyond tolerance, and dedicate ourselves to showing everyone we meet, at a minimum, human dignity.


There is one force that holds us back from being consistently kind, that is our ego. The biggest hindrances to a successful, happy and fulfilling life is embodied in a tiny, three letter word… ego. Here is what your ego sounds like: “I’m right, you’re wrong, I need this, you aren’t giving this to me, I’m hurt–it’s your fault. I’d be happy if not for you, I don’t need you.” However, our real enemy is the ego; it is never another person.




The ego always has an agenda; therefore, whenever that agenda isn’t being met, we tend to get angry and blame something or someone. When we are full of blame and anger it becomes considerably more difficult to behave with kindness. Try to remember, the enemy is never actually external…it is never truly another person or a situation.  It is simply our own ego. In fact, at times, we are our own greatest enemy.  According to Kabbalah, our choices are either guided by God or our Ego. We all have two voices that beckon us to be either beings of sharing, or to act from the desire to receive for the self alone.


There is an old story about how even among the street sweepers there is always one who has an ego about the fact that he has the best broom! This month, set aside your pride in having the best broom and focus instead on being sensitive. In fact, go overboard in your respect for others. This is a powerful month where our actions are amplified, make sure you are amplifying kindness and love for others!


Have a beautiful month.


Thought Into Action


We’re all guilty of judgment, lashing out, and looking down on others. We’re all human, but the point is to catch ourselves and replace those negative actions that come from our ego with positive actions of sharing. Go out of your way to do at least one kind act every day. Watch how that will transform your month (and your life).


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