The Gift of Being Different

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What if every child knew that the traits they might consider flaws or imperfections are their greatest gifts? What if they knew that what makes them “different” is actually their superpower? For that matter, what if every adult knew it, too?

This is why my daughter, Abigail, and I wrote our very first children’s book, The Gift of Being Different. READ MORE »

This book gave me so much strength. It really inspired me on how to talk to my child about his gift. I know it can help so many parents and kids who face the same challenges. Thank you so much for writing this book. – Miriam R.

Rethink Love


Love is not something we need to find, accumulate, or protect. It is something that we inherently possess, and the only way to receive it fully is to give it away. We have to throw away our misconceptions of what relationships are in order to embrace what they can be. Rethink Love emphasizes taking responsibility for the quality of your relationships while offering practical pathways to immediate, long-lasting solutions for improving them. Every person is worthy of being loved, and every relationship has the potential to bring lasting fulfillment. READ MORE »

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