Picking up from my last post “BREAKING DOWN FEAR: PART 1”…

Often times we are blinded by our singular focus, by a specific task – our tunnel vision – when we’re focused, we’re focused, and we will not even see or notice the opportunities that present themselves.  Think about this… how many times have you walked in a room and you’re looking for what’s right in front of your eyes but you can’t see it?  If somebody is in financial difficulties, and they’re looking at the bills, looking at their expenses and they’re trying to figure how to make this work and they get a knock on their door with a big check, they probably wouldn’t even hear the door knocking because they’re stuck in that tunnel vision.

It’s a choice; do you want to see yourself as lucky or unlucky? Luck is about being open to opportunities.  It’s really just a choice, but when we’re dominated by fears, we experience this lucky/unlucky outlook and experience tunnel vision.

Consider this:  Think about a horse race.  All the racehorses have blinders on in order for them to not be distracted from the primary objective: to reach the finish line first, to win.  Their goal is to win.  When we have tunnel vision we miss out on the process, we miss out on the opportunities, and that is our purpose… the process is the purpose.  Don’t let fear be your blinders. Meaning your “primary objective” may not even be in your best interest but just a way to get you there.

Regardless of the cause, fear is just a hindrance.  Even if one is facing an illness, or going through tremendous difficulties, fear doesn’t help or alter the situation. Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.  Think about it, does fear help or change the situation in any way? Does it alter it? Does it make the person healthy any faster? Does it change the reality in any way? No, all it does is damage. It prolongs it, it makes it scarier; it makes it more painful. Fear has no place in our lives.

And yes, fears are going to feel real, they are going to feel valid because they are connected to our emotions, and we take that very seriously, because it feels real, but just remember, just because it feels real, it doesn’t mean it’s a real fear.

The Zohar explains that we experience real fear because of our lack of spiritual connection. Silly fears are not from the Light, we have established that they’re from the negative side, but real fears are due to our lack of spiritual connection.

The Baal Shem Tov states that all the fears we have exist only to awaken change.

Let’s awaken that change by erasing our fears – in 3 steps:

1.  To be permanently free from fear, just write down “I want to be free from fear.”  FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION.  Continuously strengthen your connection to the Creator’s light. This requires consciousness and effort.

2.  Fear cannot exist when our connection to the Creator is strong.  When we have certainty in the process of life.  Step one remains very important.

3.  Conquer real fears. We have to align our life to the Creator’s vision for us. Now this is different for each person, but our driving purpose in each day should be one of sharing. If that’s what drives us, then fear can’t exist.  If we are driven by our ego-based desires or at our core it’s a selfish desire, then fear will always be constant.

An ego-based desire would be something like, “I want to make a lot of money.” Or “I want my name to be known by many.”

The sharing desire would be looking for opportunities to share with our spouse, or co-workers, or our children.  Your sharing desire is rooted in what is driving us, and what is at our core.

Remember: The degree my life is aligned to the Creator, is the degree I can remove fear.  So the more certainty we have in our       source, the less fear exists.

If somebody is afraid that they won’t meet their soul mate or spouse, they are connecting to that fear.  And by connecting to that fear, we will connect to that negative energy and that is what we will invite – we won’t see the great blessings and opportunities waiting for us.  But if we connect to knowing that we deserve to find true love, when we desire love and a good relationship and we connect and align that idea with the Creator, we connect to something higher than this, and we draw that energy to us.

I shall leave you with an important little mantra; read it out aloud and feel the power in the words and bring yourself closer to certainty, to the Light and to what you are worth.  “I trust the process of life to bring me to my highest good. I love and approve of myself, I appreciate all that I do, and I make good choices. In the infinity of life where I am, all is whole, perfect, and complete. I deserve the best and I accept it now.”


  1. What is your outlook: do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?
  2. How does this perception affect your day-to-day life?
  3. Do your fears stop you from achieving and accomplishing things that you want in your life and for your future?
  4. If you erase your fear, how will your reality change?

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