Pisces: Reveal What’s Concealed

February 22, 2023
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There’s a saying that when Pisces (Adar) arrives, joy increases! According to Kabbalah, this month is flooded with extra light and happiness in the supernal realm.

Yet the tricky part is this: Pisces tends to be satisfied with life as it is. In a way, this is a wonderful and admirable trait–to be content with our lot in life! And those born under the sign of Pisces have a good excuse for being comfortable with the status quo. Since this month is the last in the Kabbalistic calendar, Pisceans are like the parents of the zodiac. They’ve “been there and done that” through the culmination of all the other signs. But as Kabbalah teaches, it is DESIRE that propels us forward the most, and that helps us grow!

Pisces lives between two worlds. Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, the energies of this sign are in some ways opposing forces (but remember–opposites CAN attract and create alchemy!). Pisces is ruled by two planets with very different characteristics. Jupiter, the mythical king of the Roman deities, represents growth, learning, expansion, and success. Meanwhile, Neptune, the mythic ruler of the waters, relates to the more esoteric realms. The result? We want to act, yet we want to dream. We want to be happy and desire more out of life, yet our desires may seem hidden beneath the depths of those sometimes-murky Piscean waters. Yet we can channel these forces for our benefit: using that supernatural perception to uncover what’s been hidden and bring it to light–both for ourselves and for the world!

Start by noticing what makes you truly happy now, and then ask yourself what would make you even happier. Kabbalah teaches that we are here to live in joy–because the more we cultivate, the more we have to share! And, since we have access to more light and happiness available this month, we are in an ideal position not only to seek, but to find the things that make our hearts sing.

This may require some emotional excavation. Digging for our own truth. Take some time to get quiet or meditate and connect with yourself. Peer beneath the surface of all the turbulence in your life and get a read on yourself from the calmer depths. No doubt there’s something your heart and spirit want. For instance, do you long for travel in your future? If so, where would you like to go? Look at travel books, find photos, and make lists of where and what you want to explore. Dare to think bigger than you’ve thought possible. The same goes for your “dream” home, career, relationship–or anything else you want to draw into your life. Visualize… do some journaling… create collages or vision boards. Talk about your dreams with a trusted partner or friend. Sometimes the simple act of speaking can help us mine for our truths. And then, each day, take one step towards your desire, and watch what happens!

The month of Pisces can also inspire us to reveal the hidden, darkened corners of the world beyond our own sphere that need our light. As of 2022, around 10 million nonprofit organizations were registered around the world–addressing causes from humanitarian to environmental to almost anything you can think of. That in mind, as you’re delving into the depths of who you are and what you truly want, pay attention to the larger issues that stir you. Or make you angry. Or that somehow nudge you to do something. Don’t ignore them! Instead, access that Jovian energy, and let it move you to act! Consider joining one of those larger efforts… or start a new one… or simply commit to bringing more of that light and joy to your job, your community, and to wherever you feel it’s needed most.

In brief, this month challenges us all to reveal what’s been hidden in ourselves and in the world… and then to illuminate and elevate!

It’s an opportune time to ask:

  • What do I truly desire?
  • What makes me happy, and how can I access or grow that?
  • And finally, where–and how–can I help bring more light and joy to my family, my community, and the world?

The Book of Ethics says that, while we are not “obligated to complete the work….neither are [we] free to desist from it” (Pirkei Avot 20:21). None of us can save the entire world alone. But we are each responsible for taking a role in its evolution. It starts with the realization that being content with the “status quo” is like throwing a veil over the lamp of your life. Cast it off–and see how quickly the light you reveal glows and grows!

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