Purim: Healing the World with Our Joy

March 1, 2018
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Last week, I wrote about Pisces and the energy of joy and fulfillment that arrives with this month. We have the opportunity to get honest with ourselves about what it is that makes us truly happy and then to speak up and ask for those things that we deeply want.

Once we do, our work is to open ourselves to receive and experience all of that happiness.

The holiday of Purim falls in the month of Pisces for this exact reason; the gift of Purim is the complete removal of negativity — all of which comes from our innate human desire to receive for the self alone. Purim is the energetic annihilation of that darkness, both personally and globally.

On Purim, we are able to remove all sources of negativity from our lives, everything that impedes us from opening, giving, and receiving. Removal at the source. The place where all of our worry, fear, and doubt stem from. In essence, it is the source of anything that separates us from our potential. Imagine for a moment what that might feel like, to have all negativity totally erased.

On a personal level, this might mean having perfect health or being free from judgment. It might look like all of your relationships are being restored to love and harmony. It could be the healing of past traumas, a strong sense of self-love, or an endless flow of compassion. At work, this might translate to harmony with others, abundance, creativity, and inspiration.

On a global scale this might look like equal rights for all; a world without violence and hunger; the end of racism and corruption. It would mean the eradication of evil speech, malicious gossip, and dishonesty. Families would be loving, neighbors would be accepting of each other, and no one would live in fear.

It is a world that is possible, and it is why Purim is called the day of joy.

Who wouldn’t sign up to live in a world like that? Who doesn’t want to see these things become reality? The question then isn’t whether we want it. It’s how do we go about manifesting it? Things like ending conflicts between people and nations, ending famine, eradicating poverty of income and spirit, creating unity between people and removing sickness and pain? How could we possibly begin to remove these things?

The answer is simple: joyfulness.

Borrowing from last week’s blog, it is up to us to ask for what we really want and to go about bringing those circumstances and experiences into our lives. How will we ever get what we really want if we don’t ask for it and pursue it? We won’t. When we don’t ask, it makes it hard for us to receive and therefore creates a barrier between us and our joy. As we celebrate Purim, we take the chance to open up, to fully manifest and receive that which brings us the most joy and then to share all of that joy with others.

And it is only through joy that we have a chance to remove negativity and chaos before it can manifest. What is true for the individual becomes true for the collective. Sad, angry people will never bring about positive change, for themselves or anyone else. Which is why the greatest gift we can give on Purim is the gift of joy that we give ourselves. Now, it is not just about understanding the concept of joy; it isn’t about accumulating things or feeling good for a while. It is about changing our consciousness.

How do we do that?

Look at everything in your life right now that you love and appreciate. Relationships, your job, hobbies, your family, anything that inspires gratitude. Really feel it in your body.

Now think of everything that you wish would change. Notice every place in your life where you feel lack, disappointment, or sadness. How would those things change if you could also see them through that same lens of gratitude? This is what changing your consciousness looks like.

You see, both the greatest obstacle and the greatest source of the opposition for us is sadness. Sadness is like saying to the Creator, “I’ve given up” or “I can’t do this.” This is the danger of sadness. When we are sad, we are energetically inviting negativity to come to us. We can’t afford to lose hope or become filled with doubts and, luckily, the onus is on us to make ourselves happy. Through joy, we are protected by the Light.

Purim opens the gate between you and the blessings that you most need in your life. All you have to do is connect to your joy, no matter what your circumstances look or feel like. In moments of challenge, you can ask the Creator to grant you the power to be happy even in the midst of difficulty and adversity.

This time is an amazing window and a great spiritual tool; one that is powerful all year round. Cultivate your happiness, nurture your joy, and smile. Connecting to our joy is a selfless act, it may bring about happy things in our lives, but it also brings more love, happiness, and Light into the world. It is the power we can use to remove the darkness we see around us and infuse all people, places, and things with immense beauty and joy.



Take time today to acknowledge the blessings, gifts, and all of the joy present in your life. Allow yourself to fully receive all of the good in your life and if negativity arises, shift your consciousness to gratitude.


  1. Thank you Monica for this timely and thought provoking article. I always marvel at your ability to break down a concept and make it clear and applicable to everyone in any situation. I woke this morning to read this and stopped what would have been a negative train of thoughts about the day. Instead I’m choosing to see the blessings in my life and the joy. I choose to be thankful and if I need something ,I will ask for it. You continue to mentor us through your life which is very special. I Can’t wait for your next post! I also wanted so say thank you for your book Fear is Not an Option. I took it in audio book format with me on a recent business trip. You were a great travel companion and guide and kept me sane during a stressful week. Blessings and light!

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