Purim: Personal Joy = Global Healing

March 21, 2024
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For the last two months, I have been talking about Pisces and the energy of joy and fulfillment. Yep, we got a two-month dose of Light this year—double the amount of time to enact a consciousness of blessings, goodness, and happiness.

Whether it’s the standard single month of Pisces or one of the years we are blessed with two, we have the opportunity to get really honest with ourselves about what it is that makes us truly happy. Ironically, this isn’t always easy or clear! Even more challenging is the step that follows once we do get clear: speaking up and asking for those things that we deeply want.

Calling in our blessings and manifesting the most joyful experiences, though, begins here. Once we take these steps, we get to practice saying a big “yes” to our blessings—and saying “no” to anything that undermines them.

The holiday of Purim falls in the month of Pisces for this exact reason. The gift of Purim is one of abundant Light and the complete removal of negativity—negativity which comes from our innate human desire to receive for the self alone. Purim is the energetic annihilation of that darkness, both personally and globally.

On Purim, we are able to remove everything that impedes us from opening our hearts, giving, and receiving. And I’m talking about removal at the source—the place where all of our worry, fear, and doubt stem from.

Imagine for a moment what it might feel like to have all negativity totally erased.

On a personal level, this might mean having optimal health or being free from judgment. It might look like all of your relationships are being restored to love and harmony. It could be the healing of past traumas, a strong sense of self-love, or an endless flow of compassion. It might look like professional opportunities, financial abundance, more time with family and friends, or the actualization of something you have been dreaming about.

On a global scale, it looks like equal rights for all. It would mean a world without violence and hunger and the end of racism, oppression, and corruption. It would mean the eradication of evil speech, malicious gossip, and dishonesty. Families would all be loving, neighbors would be accepting of each other, and no one would live in fear. A world where everyone’s needs are met, and kindness is extended.

It is a world that is possible, and it is why Purim is called the day of joy.

When it comes to our personal dreams, we can state our intentions and ask for what we want. We can work with the Creator to bring our dreams to fruition and can put plans in place to accomplish our goals. But our global dreams are different. Things like ending conflicts between people and nations, ending famine, eradicating poverty of income and spirit, creating unity between people, and removing sickness and pain? How could we possibly begin to remove these things?

The answer is simple: joyfulness.

Committing to our personal joy can serve as a powerful catalyst for healing in the world at large. Our individual commitment acts like a pebble dropped into water, creating ripples that extend far beyond the initial splash. When we prioritize our happiness, we cultivate a sense of inner peace and satisfaction that radiates outward, influencing our interactions and the atmosphere around us. This positive energy can then inspire others to embark on their journeys of self-discovery and healing. Before we know it, an entire population of people is radiating positivity.

More than that, joy fuels compassion and empathy, enabling us to connect with others on a deeper level and support them in their times of need. In essence, by nurturing our own joy, we contribute to the collective well-being, fostering an environment where understanding, kindness, and healing can flourish. This chain reaction underscores the undeniable interconnectedness of individual happiness and global healing. Put simply, personal fulfillment can indeed be a profound force for change in the world.

Purim opens the gate between you and the blessings that you most need in your life. Practice connecting to joy, even when your circumstances might not feel joyful. If this feels counterintuitive at first, you can always ask the Creator to grant you the power to be happy even in the midst of difficulty and adversity, even in the midst of seeming chaos.

As you prepare to celebrate Purim, make a commitment to cultivate your happiness, nurture your joy, and smile as often as possible. This is our unique power, one we can use to remove the darkness we see around us and infuse all people, places, and things with immense beauty and joy.

Take time today to acknowledge the blessings, gifts, and all of the joy present in your life. Allow yourself to fully receive all of the good in your life, allow it to fill you so completely that sharing becomes the driving force in all the things that you do.

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