Purim: The Spiritual Technology of Joy

March 5, 2020
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In our modern world, we have access to such amazing resources. Never has there been a time where knowledge, information, and entertainment of all kinds are so instantly available. Just think of everything that can be done simply with a smartphone! You decide what it is you’d like to do or experience and you open the app that connects you to that experience. It’s quite miraculous when you really think about it.

We have access to this physical technology, but what most of us aren’t as readily aware of is that we have access to an equally infinite spiritual technology as well. It is easy to think that things come to us from “outside”—that our blessings and success, our failures and lack are based on outside resources—but our lives are an “inside” job. And that is where the spiritual technology of Kabbalah comes in. 

Throughout our year we can access unique cosmic windows in time when various energies are available to us. The coming of each New Moon is a perfect example. As we welcome a New Moon we can connect to the specific astrological energy of that moon. We do so by understanding what is being offered, harnessing the positive energies, and working with the challenging energies in order to grow. 

Each kabbalisic holiday is an even more potent opportunity and this month, one such holiday arrives. 

Next week, we welcome the holiday of Purim; a cosmic window offered during the joyous month of Pisces which makes sense seeing that Purim beckons our joy. It brings us a gift of the removal of all negativity—which comes from our innate human desire to receive for the self alone. Purim is the complete annihilation of this darkness, both personally and globally. 

Take a moment and truly reflect on that. What would it look like to have complete annihilation of darkness from your life? What would it look like to have complete removal of darkness from the world?  

On Purim, we bring this consciousness front and center. We remove the source of negativity from our lives. The source. The place where all of our fear, doubt, and worry begin. Everything that holds us back, keeps us small, anything that separates us from our potential. 

Again, imagine your life and the world free from negativity. Even for a day. What would that look and feel like? 

On a personal level, this might mean having limitless energy, a return to physical and mental health, strong relationships, or the experience of being free from shame, guilt, and judgment. At work, this could translate as harmony with others, shared goals and vision, and a sense of fulfillment. What would the removal of negativity in your life mean for you? What goals and dreams would you pursue? What love would you give? 

On a global level, it could mean the beginning of equal rights, of collective compassion, and of the knowledge that we are all one. It could mean the end of hunger, poverty, homelessness, and violence. Evil speech, gossip, and hateful language would disappear. Families would see healing and renewed connections. The people of the world would feel safe, happy, and free. 

The possibility of such a world is why Purim is a day of joy.

But, how do we connect to Purim in order to end conflicts between people and nations, end famine, eradicate poverty of income and spirit, create unity between people, and never have to experience sickness or grief? 

Eliminate darkness at its root means adopting the consciousness offered to us by Purim. A consciousness of pure joy. But not joy based on outside influence. A joy that we cultivate ourselves and then share generously with those around us. It is only through our individual nurturing of joy do we have a chance to eradicate negativity and chaos before it can manifest. Purim is not just about understanding joy but about changing our consciousness to one of joy.

 The greatest obstacle for us—and the greatest strength of darkness—is our sadness. Through our habitual and consistent sadness, we are saying, in effect, to the Creator, “I’ve given up,” “I choose to not see my blessings,” “I can’t do this.” Because blessings and joy cannot land in a place of darkness, negativity begins to seed and grow. 

This is the danger of our sadness and the reason for Purim. When we are sad, we are inviting negativity to come to us. We can’t lose hope and become filled with doubts. The onus is on us to create our happiness, to understand and believe that we have the power to do so, and through our resulting joy, we inspire everyone around us to do the same. We create an infectious chain of joy. 

On Purim, the gates to joy are open. The blessings that you most need in your life are waiting for you to connect with and integrate the joy available to you on this day. The more you are able to fill your soul with the Light offered on Purim, the more you are able to carry this consciousness throughout the entire year. 

The only question remaining is: can you access this spiritual technology as often as you connect to the physical technology around you?

Soak up all the joy that is possible on Purim and then commit to cultivating your happiness asking yourself each day how you can share more—give more love, more compassion, more generosity, more acceptance. Use your wonderful talents and abilities to make your life better, give radically, and love the people in your life in deeper and deeper ways.

As you do, you become an agent of change. The joy you create and bring to your own life becomes the root of healing for the entire world. 



What does a day of joy look like for you? How would the consciousness of joy react to plans going awry, to a disagreement with a loved one, to a traffic jam? Make this your meditation.

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