Q&A: Do We Create Opposition?

October 18, 2017
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QUESTION: Do we create opposition in our own lives?

ANSWER: It’s important to know that there is difference between opposition and chaos. And we often confuse the two. If we are having a bad day and we cut in line at the store, the person we’re cutting in front of is likely going to react negatively to us. This isn’t opposition that we’re creating, it’s a level of chaos. Then there’s other instances where we create chaos based on our thoughts, so if I think negative thoughts then I attract some level of negativity.

Opposition is something different and often will come about as we set out to create positivity, to fulfill our purpose, or to achieve a goal. An example would be people whom you share your dreams with who say “You should never do that”. “That is wrong”. “Don’t do that”. I’m the type of person who hears this and is activated. I jump and am dead-set on doing whatever the thing is. I used to think this was arrogant but then I realized later that I actually needed that. The opposition showed me how much do I really believed in what I was doing and how much I actually wanted it.

From this perspective you can thank your opposers. Offer gratitude for their opposition because it’s fueling the fire that’s going to get you to your goal. That’s the point.

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