Q&A: Intuition vs. Negativity

October 18, 2017
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QUESTION: How do you know the difference between when “The Light” & “The Opponent” is speaking to you?

ANSWER: The Light says “I’m so excited to do this” the Opposer says “I should or shouldn’t do this.” That is the difference.

Another difference is, when you’re connected to the Light, you’re not attached to an outcome. You have a desire but you also have clarity, you’re going to see where you’re really meant to go because you have no attachment. I want to be wherever I’m supposed to be. That’s ultimately the level we want to get to. How can we have certainty in achieving a goal without getting attached to that goal? By “letting go” in every moment. For instance, my husband and I were certain that we wanted to move to New York from Los Angeles and that it was the best thing for us. But if it didn’t happen – because the kids didn’t get into school or we weren’t able to find an apartment or things just didn’t line up — we were totally okay with not moving. I put all my energy into making it happen because we really felt that’s what we should do but, again, if it didn’t happen, it wasn’t supposed to happen and I was just as okay with that.

You don’t want to be attached to anything. You want to leave it to the Creator. You want to be connected to your source, that’s where you come from. That’s certainty, that’s happiness, that’s abundance. So you want to be one with that. But attachment is the opposite. Attachment says “I need this, I’m going to hold on to this”. It’s a detrimental energy. One is consciousness. One is a need.

We should always do everything we can, but if you put all of your energy into something and the answer is “no” then your energy wasn’t meant for that specific goal. But, that energy isn’t wasted. Let’s say you train for a marathon. You train for months and the race day comes, and for whatever reason, you can’t go. Let’s say the road is blocked. You can’t get there. What are you going to do? Be upset? “I wasted all these years or months training. Why did I do that? I’m angry.” Or you can say, “This wasn’t the race for me, when’s the next race? I’m going to try for that.” The energy we put out is never wasted unless we think it is. Very often, people meet a dead end like it was never meant to be, I’m not supposed to run the race. No! You just weren’t meant to run in that race. Try again.

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