This free, first-of-its-kind event will feature global spiritual leader, author and relationship expert, Monica Berg, in a captivating live taping, offering ground-breaking teachings, practical tools and takeaways, and interactive workshops that will leave you both inspired and entertained. For anyone who’s in love, wants love or looking to rekindle love –  now’s your chance to be part of this exciting, powerful and relationship redefining experience!

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MONDAY, JAN 15, 2024
Hollywood, CA
The Bourbon Room

5:30 PM
Social Hour
Cocktails for purchase

7 PM
Event Begins

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    Meet Monica

    Mother, wife, sister, daughter, teacher, friend, author, podcaster, cardio enthusiast and change junkie, Monica integrates all that she is into her mission of sharing with others, what she’s discovered. Monica is a fresh voice that channels the powerful internal spark of Light living within us all. Authentic and fearless, she reminds us of our extraordinary potential and pushes us onward with compassion and understanding.

    While informed by her many years of kabbalistic study, Monica also draws heavily on her own personal life experiences. She battled and overcame a debilitating eating disorder at a young age, and as a mother of four children, one of whom has special needs, she has become an outspoken advocate for him and others struggling to find their voice.

    With her trademark blend of humor, insight, and honesty, she shows individuals how to create a life that feels like it is working, like it makes sense, and most importantly, a life in which they are living and loving as the powerful, fulfilled person they’ve always wanted to be. Her personal endeavors have taught her how the practical wisdom of Kabbalah can bring Light and strength into even the most challenging experiences by changing the one thing we can control, ourselves.

    Monica Berg, a self-professed Change Junkie, shares her combination of wisdom and real-life awareness with talks found compelling to a wide range of men and women at different stages in their lives. She leads people to not only see how they can change (change is the only constant in life) but inspires them to get excited about a lifestyle of change.

    Monica Berg is the author of Fear Is Not an Option, Rethink Love, The Gift of Being Different, co-hosts the Spiritually Hungry podcast, and serves as Co-Director & Chief Communications Officer for Kabbalah Centre International. She lives in New York with her husband Michael and their children David, Joshua, Miriam, and Abigail.