“In this month of miracles, the first step must be to truly develop our appreciation for the Light and for the blessings that we already have.” ~Michael Berg

We made it through Scorpio! Phew! Parts of Scorpio certainly found us all dealing with challenges and facing up to some difficult situations, and I for one am certainly ready to embrace the New Moon of Sagittarius.  Called the month of miracles, this month does indeed bring with it a welcome relief.

Sagittarius is known as the Hebrew month of Kislev, ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is symbolic of good fortune, good luck, abundance and expansion; and was created by the letter Sameach, which looks like a circle, and symbolizes continuity and constant flow of… miracles!

This month is well known for the holiday of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, where great miracles happened many, many moons ago and where we continue have the ability to make the impossible possible.

Let’s get our miracles on! But first, a quick historical miracle review… bible studies 101:

Chanukah dedicates itself to the time when the small and seemingly insignificant army of Israelites defeated a mighty army of the enemy, and upon entering the ransacked and damaged Temple, the Israelites did not know how they would manage to keep the light above the arc ablaze.  Somehow they managed to find oil, which miraculously lasted eight days instead of one.

Why is this so important to bear in mind? A small army defeated a bigger army and oil that was seemingly meant to last one day stretched itself out over eight—is that really that miraculous? You bet it is.  The dilemma we have in this day and age is that most of us believe that miracles do not happen.  We look at the world, the fighting, the terror, the cruelty, and yes, at times we just forget what’s right in front of us because we are bombarded by staggering injustices.  We have forgotten how to believe in the power of miracles.  And if we continue to believe this then sadly, we won’t receive the myriad of miracles that are out there. 

How do we understand and classify what a miracle is?  According to Wikipedia a miracle is:

  1. A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine.
  2. A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment.

This month we need to awaken our consciousness and see the miracle in every day. We need to believe that anything is possible and in order to do that our view of the world has to change, because once we change our perspective and appreciate the miracle of everyday life that is when miracles will flow into our lives.

Take the energy of those born in this month for instance; they are renowned for being the pleasure-seeking risk-takers who are uncompromising in their quest for facing their fears and taking up challenges with fire and exuberance. Being fire signs, they are propelled by the rocket-like force of that element, which lies deep within their spirit—for Sagittarians, the more impossible the task the greater their enthusiasm to make it happen.

We can make this month truly count by utilizing and applying this simple mental shift and tapping into the profound energy of life and every day.  The moment we can truly acknowledge that it is in the simple act of appreciation where the miracles lie in wait to happen, that is when they will, with great abundance.

Sagittarians are known to take chances on things other people wouldn’t, and being ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion, Sagittarians and most importantly this month, possess the wondrous energy of expansion to create miracles.

Just remember that miracles do not rest in an empty place – we need Consciousness and certainty for them to manifest.  If you are lacking in certainty, there is no opening for the Light to enter, because really, when we ask for miracles all we are essentially asking for is a different expression of the Light. Make sure you can let it in.

Happy Sagittarius everyone, let it flow!


  1. Check your consciousness. Write down and then say out loud the miracle you want to create now.
  2. Take a moment, everyday, to appreciate the little things we so take for granted.
  3. Grow your appreciation.
  4. Make the impossible, possible.

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