Sagittarius: Small Actions, Big Miracles

November 25, 2019
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Many of us would like a miracle in some area of our lives or long to make some changes, be it a better job, a romantic relationship, or perhaps a milestone purchase, like a house. We daydream, write down our goal, maybe we even create an action plan, a budget, and then… not actually do anything differently to attain this change. Not changing our actions is the same as not asking for a miracle at all.

The Bible, as well as The Zohar, recounts the story of a widow, the wife of the late Ovadyahu, who had died, leaving many debts that his wife couldn’t repay. In the story, his wife went to the prophet Elisha asking for a miracle, and he replied, “Tell me what you have in your house. Because blessings from above do not rest on an empty table, and they do not rest in an empty place.” She said, “I have nothing in my house except a small measure of oil.” She had only enough oil to cover her little finger. But after hearing this, Elisha said to her, “You have now given me an opening. Now that I understand that you have a small amount of oil, there is a place for the blessings to come down and rest.”

That was when the miracle occurred for her. The small amount of oil she had in her house overflowed and filled so many vessels that she was able to sell it to pay off all her debts. The Zohar says, “Through awakening in our physical world, we awaken lights in the supernal worlds. Because the supernal Lights, the flow of energy, of Light, of blessings, do not come from above until there is a vessel, an awakening created from below, by us. But if there is emptiness, if there is nothing there, then the miracle, the blessings, cannot rest, cannot come down.” you want Like the small amount of oil or the 1% chance, that is all the opening that is needed for a miracle.

Merriam Webster defines a miracle as “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine. A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment.”

In the parable above, when Ovadyahu’s widow was asked what she had, she answered honestly, knowing that it wasn’t much. What followed was truly extraordinary. When we take inspired action, no matter how small, we are placing our requests for miracles and making room for the extraordinary in our lives.

Think of it this way: those that want to get a better job have to put together a resume, network with people in the same field, and participate in interviews—without those steps, it is very unlikely that the dream job will come to fruition. But what happens if you find yourself, time and again, stuck at building the resume?

For those that long for love, what have you changed in your life? Meeting someone requires some risk-taking, asking people out, saying yes to dates, getting involved in activities within your community where you’re meeting new people. But what happens if you still go to all the same places, do all the same things, and hang with the same crowd?

In order to buy a house, money needs to be put down, credit scores need to grow, and a large percentage of previous debt needs to be paid down. This is a standard to-do list for aspiring homebuyers, and all of these items are very doable. But what happens if you don’t change your spending habits?

It’s like yelling, “I WANT MIRACLES!” And when the Creator asks you when you want them, you think, dither, respond vaguely with “well sometime soon,” or “I’m swamped at the moment,” or “I’m thinking that’s what I want five years from now.” The response to when you want the miracles is: “NOW!”

The kabbalists teach that the Creator wants us to have all the blessings that we desire in life. The Creator wants to make miracles. A typical follow-up question is, “Why doesn’t he just give them to me?” The short answer is free will. We have free will, we have the power to make choices and take action, and we have this ability all the time, not just when we’re happy, confident, or when things are going well. Recalling back to the parable, the widow was in a terrible bind when she sought her miracle. She was out of options.

To bring about miraculous changes, you begin by making a choice, setting a plan, and taking small actions that create small openings for the Creator to work through. Every miracle is a co-creation between you, the Creator, and the Universe.

During Sagittarius, we are surrounded by miracle-making energy, this month more than usual. Miracles happen every day, but we are so accustomed to chalking it up to good luck that we seldom see them for what they really are. When you create a miracle through your actions, the Light produces a miracle in return. Famous Sagittarian, Winston Churchill remarked, “Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential.”

All of us are blessed with the gift of making miracles this month. All we have to do is make a choice, make a change, and create a place for the miracles to land.



What is one of your dreams? Where are you wishing for a miracle? Now, what action can you take that will create that space?

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