Sagittarius, Miracles, and You: Part II

December 8, 2016
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Last week, I spoke about creating miracles through self-love. Kabbalists believe that in order for a miracle to manifest, only a tiny crack, a sliver of space, must be opened for the miracle to come down. Where self-love is concerned, creating that space looks like finding and focusing on one thing, large or small, that you love about YOU. Easy enough right? But now what?

From a kabbalistic perspective we exist in two realities. One is the 1% realm, the material world that is the illusion perceived by our limited five senses. The other is the 99% realm, the dimension beyond our five senses, the place where we can make positive lasting changes that then manifest into our 1% reality. Miracles begin inwardly, in the 99% realm.

A miracle is defined as:

A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency… a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.” 



So how do we create something that is, by definition, inexplicable and improbable? To bring our miracle into the physical world, it must be activated. Quite literally, you must physicalize the intention in your life. As I said last week, self-love is one of the quickest ways to bring about this kind of change in your life. Miracles come through you, so what better place to begin? You know where you want to experience this miracle, and have probably spent time focusing on aspects of yourself that you love, let’s now take it one practical step further.



We’ll start by shining a self-love light on something that is currently troubling you. Think of an area of your life that you feel needs a miracle? Maybe it’s a relationship, a job, a goal you have that never gets off the ground. Whatever it may be, turn within, and ask yourself what it is you truly believe about this situation. Perhaps you wish your spouse would spend more time with you without your having to ask. Perhaps you have a boss who you feel is constantly overstepping boundaries. Perhaps you have an idea for a great Etsy shop but never seem to find the time to do the work right.




Now, let’s look at all of these through a lens of self-love:

If you are wishing your spouse would spend more time with you, you are likely equating time spent together with being loved and appreciated. Here you can find an opportunity to first fall in love with spending time with YOU. If you don’t enjoy your company, it will be difficult for others to! Furthermore, if you are looking to your spouse to fill that need, you’re putting pressure on them to do something you need to do for yourself. Spend some time with you, doing things you love. You may begin to notice that as you cultivate joy spending time with yourself, you’re less needy of your spouse’s attention, and not only that, when you do spend time together, you have more to share which drives your intimacy even deeper. Miracle, worked!

If you feel that whenever you give your boss an inch they take a mile, ask yourself where your boundaries are. With self-love comes self-worth and an understanding that your time is valuable. When we see ourselves and our time as valuable, we relinquish any fears around ‘not being enough’ or ‘not doing enough’ – which are both beliefs that make it difficult for us to set boundaries. The more you begin to value yourself and your time the easier it becomes to politely decline requests at work that take you away from your life, family, or other commitments that really matter to you. By respecting yourself, you create a space for your boss to respect you, and everyone feels less stress as a result. It’s a miracle!

If you can’t seem to find the time to build your small business, ask yourself what exactly is taking up your time? Do you fill your days with needless activities as a way to avert yourself from achieving this goal? Ask yourself what it is that keeps you from sitting down and building your website, for example. Some guesses would be a fear that your creations aren’t of value, that others might judge your venture as silly or selfish, or that you’ll fail. Self-love says that anything that brings you joy is already successful, and you already deserve it. That sharing your joy is sharing your Light. Spending an hour a day in your joy, creating treasures and an online store to house them, will only bring about happiness and success. Before you know it you’re knee-deep in sales. Miraculous!

We can create miracles in our lives simply by shifting from fear, doubt, and worry into self-love, happiness, and joy. In the month of Sagittarius, our lives are boosted and supported in these exact areas. In kabbalistic astrology, the element of fire, signifies action, forward movement, and creative thinking making it a perfect time to shift our perspective and make a change. We all want excitement, fulfillment, and fun in our lives. We want to experience the best of what life has to offer us. We all want to know the magic of a miracle. Loving ourselves is the fastest route to experiencing all of these things in the deepest way, to creating each moment anew, and to working miracles – big and small – in every way, every day.

Thought into Action

Choose one area of your life where you want to create a miracle. Examine the challenges and look for ways you may be doubting yourself or your abilities. Write them down and then turn them around, creating affirmative statements instead.

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