Sagittarius: Wonder of Wonders!

November 22, 2022
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It’s Sagittarius, and miracles abound!

During this month of Kislev (in Hebrew), a cosmic window opens for us to recognize and manifest miracles of all kinds. For many cultures, we’re entering a season of great joy and celebration. Chanukah, which begins on the 25th of Kislev, commemorates the miracle of the few overcoming the many, and the Light overcoming the dark.

In fact, light that has been concealed through the rest of the year now flows freely into the celestial realm, adding mystery and excitement to this month of longer nights and shorter days. In Aramaic, Sagittarius translates to mean “rainbow.” And what is a rainbow but a refraction of light into myriad colors of the visible spectrum?

When we tap into Sagittarius energy, we can draw down the full spectrum of divine Light and, like prisms, redirect it to bring color and vibrancy to the places where it’s needed most.

The influx of that Sagittarian light can also help us reconnect with “unity consciousness.” When we see past the illusion of separateness and remember that we’re all part of the greater ONE, we become co-creators of our own destiny. We join forces with the source of all the miracles around us–which, in turn, empowers us to manifest more of those miracles in our own lives!

Yet will we know them when we see them? Personally, I am awed at the miracles in my own life. My children are miracles. My work at the Centre is a miracle. Each relationship I have is, in its own way, a miracle… because the likelihood that any of us would meet one another in a world of almost 8 billion people is so small, it’s almost impossible. Yet here we are!

The simple functions of our bodies are miracles, too. Did you know that we have over 600 muscles, hundreds of billions of nerves, and countless other systems working in concert just so we can walk across a room, pick up a phone or laptop, and read these words? And that’s not even considering the staggering number of neurological processes needed to translate the scribbles on a screen into meaning!

Even something small and unassuming, such as a pine cone, is a miracle. A single spiky cone holds around 150 seeds… each of which has the potential to become a giant tree that produces hundreds or thousands more pine cones! So, in theory, there are entire forests hiding inside an object often slathered with peanut butter (you know, those craftsy bird feeders) or sprinkled with glitter to mark the season.

See? Miracles! Everywhere. Every day. Rav Berg once mused how people tend to call out for a miracle when someone is sick or when things go wrong. “Yet,” he said, “the miracles we seek were here all along.”

What other miracles are you noticing today? And what miracles do you want most to manifest in your own life? Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and abundance, we’re in good hands for making it all happen.

Be warned, though: the cosmic energy of this time can also put us in the line of fire (pun intended!) if we’re not careful. That’s because Sagittarius is a fire sign, easily influenced by the breeze of the moment. The Sag can rush in like a brushfire, burning through tasks or pursuits with little thought to the scorched-earth consequences of too much, too soon. They have a tendency to turn up the heat on themselves to the point of becoming overly stressed or anxious. And, while Sagittarians tend to thrive under pressure, they sometimes forget that there’s always a boiling point. So when you feel a kindling of excitement urging you to act this month, go for it! But pace yourself. Keep the fire on simmer… better that than getting burned!

After all, you don’t want to miss all the miracles of the moment. Notice them! Appreciate them! Experience them. And know that with every candle you light, every sunrise you admire, and every connection you forge, you are participating in the greatest wonder of all: the fact that you are here!

You are alive! And you are an integral part of every miracle you see… as well as the miracle you choose to be.

Happy Sagittarius!


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