Saving the World (Whether It Likes It or Not!)

January 22, 2015
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We have just ushered in the new month of Aquarius and along with it, all the energy that is specific to this month. Kabbalistically we understand that the beginning of the month is a time of connection, a time to understand the challenges and gifts of this window in time so that we can apply this knowledge to our lives. After all, forewarned is forearmed. Our awareness also gives us a sharper eye for identifying the opportunities available this month, making life a little easier.


Today I experienced a surge of lightness, creativity and inspiration. Experiencing this I wondered what was different about today…and then it dawned on me that it was the new moon of Aquarius. I realized that the last time I felt so light was the day before the new moon of Capricorn! Meaning no disrespect to the Capricorns out there, but Capricorn energy was so heavy this year I was definitely ready for the expansiveness and inspiration that comes with Aquarius.


This month is all about possibilities. The crazier, the better. Aquarians are all about big ideas, big goals, big dreams and… ahem, big egos. Out to change the world, an Aquarian may often be found alone, perfecting their plan for world domination saving the world. Now, whether or not the world wants to be saved in that particular manner is largely seen as inconsequential to a determined Aquarian, whose approach can often be interpreted as too aggressive or confrontational. That’s an Aquarian though, never one to shy from conflict, they spend their lives provoking and challenging the status quo. They are the rebels of the zodiac.


Famous Aquarians who shook up the status quo include Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks. One fought a war and one rode a bus, proving that the ways we can create change in the world are diverse beyond imagining. The Zohar explains that it was on the first day of Aquarius that Moses first began revealing the secrets that we now call the wisdom of Kabbalah. The energy of this month supports opportunities for creating great change in the world.



The dark side of an Aquarian is their prideful stubbornness. If you find yourself in a battle of wills with an Aquarian, don’t try to beat them with logic or future consequences, that will do nothing to sway them. Instead, placate them with commiseration. Trust me, I have a son and a sister who are both Aquarians, and this is a tried and true method (hopefully neither are reading my blog this week!). The bottom line, don’t tell an Aquarian what to do!


Personally, I’ve learned a lot by observing the spirited Aquarians in my life. Their vision and leadership qualities when committed to a positive direction is impressive. It’s a little less endearing when all that energy is directed at self-aggrandizement, a pitfall that Aquarians should be mindful of. However, the energy of Aquarius affects us all, so if ever there was a month to rein in the ego, it’s now. Aquarians love humanitarian pursuits, and although they will move Heaven and Earth for a global cause, they sometimes lack compassion for individuals.  One danger this month is pushing away those that are closest to you. Be mindful of treating everyone, and especially your loved ones, with care and respect. Because after all, when we care for one person we change their life, and thereby change the world.





A few practical tools to keep in mind this month:
Practice empathy and understanding, no matter what.
Listen more, talk less.


Happy Birthday David!




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