Scorpio: Knock off all that judgment!

October 3, 2013
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You discover candy bar wrappers in your children’s bedrooms which is a no-eating zone (rule-breakers!)…

Your sister calls to whine about a tragedy of her own making (drama queen!)…

Your boss asks you to take on an extra project this week, even though you are already over-extended (slave-driver!)…

Feeling a bit short of temper but long of judgment? Welcome to the month of Scorpio. If you were born under Scorpio you may be feeling intensely reactive this month (more than the usual reactivity, that is). However, the rest of us are not immune. The Scorpio energy of this month can be negative, and if we don’t act mindfully, it can leave us all smoking and charred around the edges.

Let our consciousness this month be on quashing the urge to judge. Often when we judge other people we think there are no repercussions. After all, other people can’t hear our thoughts! On some level we think they’ll never know, so it’s like the judgment never took place… or so we tell ourselves. We justify our judgments of others in many ways, but most popular by far is when that other person DESERVES to be judged. Why should I temper my judgment of the not-very-intelligent taxi driver who took the longest, most heavily trafficked route to get me to my destination, or the utterly-clueless shopper who is pulling out coupons and shuffling through them then writing a check at the grocery store during the busiest time of day with the longest lines, or the unfriendly bully in exercise class who stomped on my toe without even a nod of recognition? In our minds those people totally deserve our judgments for their poor behavior. Maybe. But I can tell you for sure, it’s not worth the consequences.

Judgments are like boomerangs. Throw them out and they just come right back to you, except faster. As I’ve often discussed, judgment is very dangerous. The repercussions for our judgments this month are magnified, to the tune of tenfold! Additionally, if we are awakening our judgment of others you can bet that we are also judging ourselves harshly, neither of which feels very good. This Scorpio energy can create palpable tension, even in normally peaceful relationships, whether you were born under the sign or not.

There is a way to protect ourselves, the antidote for all this energy of judgment that is so powerful right now is simple kindness or charity of spirit. Simply put: Be nice. Just like your mother always advised you. Make it easy for yourself this month by realizing that there are only two options when confronted with negative thoughts and really only one is an option:

Judge or Be Kind.

Look for opportunities to be kind and to give. As for those people who ‘deserve’ your judgments, that is a huge opportunity to practice undeserved kindness. Just as judgment creates a boomerang effect, so too does kindness. The only way to get the kindness we desire in our lives is to be a kind person.

Scorpios tend to see everything in black and white, good or bad, right or wrong. There are few things in life, if any, that are 100% anything. This month look for blessings that are hidden or even disguised as challenges. Kabbalists teach, especially during this month, that all great blessings come in “shells.” Because of these shells, we tend to see only the negativity of a person or a situation, when in reality it’s just an unpleasant covering on something quite wonderful. Think about a pearl in a clam. Be conscious this month of seeing through the shell to the blessing that exists deeper within. My husband, Michael, often says that, “Being able to maintain patience, calm and certainty even while there is chaos around us allows the Light of the Creator to enter and assist.” It takes patience and consciousness, and if we succumb to the Scorpio energy of immediate judgment, we will see only the negativity and dismiss all the blessings available to us this month. When you recognize negativity this month, just remind yourself that within every shell is a great blessing.


Create a great month by

1. Not judging

2. Practicing undeserved kindness

3. Looking beyond the surface to find the hidden blessings


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