Scorpio: Make Life Beautiful

October 11, 2018
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I don’t have too many pet peeves, but ask my kids how much I love it when they say, “Mom, I’m so bored.” For me, I suppose the root lies in my own curious nature. There is so much to do, explore, learn, read, see, try, and hear in this world. Our lives are excruciatingly brief and to disregard even an afternoon in boredom strikes me as such a waste.

Boring is defined by Merriam Webster as being “tedious, not interesting, unimaginative, causing weariness.” I’m willing to bet we’ve all had those kinds of days, but when those days are stretching into months and years, it’s a sign that something needs adjusting. How can you take the tedious and weariness and transform it into beauty? What creates a beautiful life?

To me, it’s about intention. What is your goal? If it’s to wake up, go to work, accumulate things you don’t need to impress people you don’t even like, to create comfort, to never rock the boat, and never shake things up —you’ve got a recipe for monotony. Avoiding risk, growth, and change are all surefire ways to lead you right to boring.

But take someone who wakes up with a purpose bigger than themselves, to change the world, maybe to help someone else live a better life, or to create something — that is the recipe for an exciting, expansive life.

This week we welcomed the New Moon of Scorpio, a largely misunderstood sign. Scorpio is the only month that is devoid of any kabbalistic holidays, giving it a bad rap for being dark, dull, and – you guessed it – boring. But I see it differently. If Scorpio seems to offer only tediousness, with that tediousness comes an opportunity.

In Hebrew, the month of Scorpio is called Mar Cheshvan; the Mar meaning “bitter.” However, in Hebrew, the reverse of Mar is Ram, and Ram means “exalted.” You can probably guess where I’m going here…. the challenge of this month, to turn Mar to Ram, bitter to sweet, lemons into lemonade, boring to beautiful.

Whatever feels negative is really an opportunity for something good to happen, either a transformation in your consciousness or a blessing entering your life, like a new job or a new friend. After any challenge I have faced, I have almost always said that, while it may have been difficult, I’m so glad that it happened. Difficulties bring about the most beautiful gifts if we work with them, and this month is no exception.

Let’s take a closer look at what the energy of Scorpio means for us. Scorpios themselves are just as misunderstood as this month. This is the astrological sign of extremes and intensity. They tend to see everything in black and white, good or bad, right or wrong. Yet, there are few things in life, if any, that are 100% anything. Renowned for having a sharp tongue and a painful sting; at the same time, they are known for their cool, detached, nearly unemotional persona. Scorpios are passionate, strong-willed, persistent, and highly adaptive, yet are plagued by insecurity. They embody extremes.

Like Pisces, Scorpio is a water sign that is ruled by the moon, and it is a great time to listen more to your intuition – in fact, Scorpios are one of the most intuitive signs, and we have the opportunity to tap into this gift this month.  This is the time for transformation; it’s about probing far beneath the surface and tapping into the innate intuition that we all possess.

These attributes are available to all of us this month, making it the perfect time for reflecting on where – and why – our lives are lacking gusto.

Let’s use a typical example: your job. In March of 2017, CBS News reported on a Gallup study that found that 71% of workers are “disengaged” from their work. That is a lot of people! Here are some steps to help you shift from weary to inspiring.

Morning Perspective Shift

Starting your day with appreciation is the quickest way to shift your perspective. Upon waking each morning, think of everything you’re grateful for or create a routine that’s put you in the consciousness of gratitude. Spend 15 minutes with your coffee sitting on your porch and feeling the sun. It doesn’t have to be big complicated, just a tiny shift that helps you connect to gratitude.

Build in the Beauty

If you have a desk at work, decorate it with little things you love. Set flowers out, framed photos, a book you’re reading. The key here isn’t to change your circumstances; it’s to change to way you think and feel about them even on this tiny, detailed level. If your desk currently represents dread or boredom, find ways to turn it into an altar of joy. If you usually eat lunch at your desk, try going out, sitting outside, or going for a walk on your break. Building in beauty in these small ways will start to have a big impact.

When All Else Fails: Share

 When we give, we usually find joy in our giving. No matter what it is. Holding the door open for someone, making a point to say good morning to each co-worker, helping someone with a task that comes easily to you, offering kindness at every turn. These small acts of sharing transform us, creating joy in those who receive our sharing and creating a sense of connection within us. Waking up each day with the intention to share kindness will transform not only you and the people around you but your whole life.

Spend your time this month looking for ways to make your life beautiful, especially in the areas that feel anything but. The kabbalists teach that transformation is our number one goal, we didn’t come here to stay the same. We came here to create beautiful lives, and when that becomes our intention, the possibilities are endless. This is passion, my friends. This is a purpose-driven life. You have read the words; it may even seem simple, now close your eyes and imagine it.



This week – and month – make a list of everything that feels tiresome or boring in your life. Write down ideas for how to infuse a little beauty into each of them. Then execute! Keep track of what changes and feel free to share with me in the comments.







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