Scorpio: Turning Judgment Into Kindness 

October 8, 2015
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Feeling fried, frazzled, frustrated and frenetic? Welcome to the month of Scorpio.


If you were born under Scorpio you may be feeling intensely reactive this month (more than the usual reactivity, that is). However, the rest of us are not immune. As one of the only months of the year lacking in kabbalistic holidays, this month can feel dark and full of too many challenges, but inherent in this month is the energy of turning things around.


The Hebrew month of Scorpio is called Mar Cheshvan; the Mar means bitter. However, the reverse of Mar is Ram, and Ram means exalted. So, that is the challenge of the month, to turn Mar to Ram, bitter to sweet, lemons into lemonade. Whatever feels negative is really an opportunity for something good to happen, either a transformation in your consciousness or a blessing entering your life, like a new job or a new friend. I know I have said more than once, “As difficult as that was, I am so happy because if it hadn’t this amazing thing I am experiencing a year later could not have happened.”


Not only is this month of Scorpio misunderstood, but Scorpios themselves are possibly the most misunderstood sign under the zodiac.  Scorpio is the astrological sign of extremes and intensity. They tend to see everything in black and white, good or bad, right or wrong. Yet, there are few things in life, if any, that are 100% anything. Scorpios are very intense and emotional people, and are more often heard saying, “I feel” as opposed to “I think”. They take things very seriously and there is always more than meets the eye. Renowned for having a sharp tongue and a painful sting; at the same time they are known for their cool, detached and unemotional persona. Scorpios are passionate, strong willed, persistent and highly adaptive and yet are plagued by insecurity — not that they’d ever let you know!


A water sign, like Pisces, Scorpio is ruled by the moon and it is a great time to listen more to your intuition – in fact, Scorpios are one of the most intuitive signs and we have the opportunity to tap into this gift this month.  This is the time for transformation; it’s about probing far beneath the surface, and tapping into the innate intuition that we all possess.


Scorpios have a tendency toward judgment, of others and themselves, which explains their insecurities. To counteract the tendency to judge we need to practice kindness and mercy, all the time, but in this month especially.  The more kindness we practice, the more kindness we invite into our lives. Sadly, the reverse holds true; the more we judge the more we are judged. The more we judge ourselves, the more we will judge others.


Remember, people are probably not happy in their own lives if they are busy discussing YOURS.


Happy People Don't Judge Others


Most of us have been judged in a harsh manner either outright or we found out about it by word of mouth later. Getting past people’s judgments is a hard pill to swallow. Many people never get past the judgment. I can name countless instances of a parent saying something thoughtlessly judgmental, the consequence of which resulted in their child never attempting to be creative/athletic/coordinated/scholarly/musical/etc. because they accepted that judgment as truth. Judgments are powerful and have far-reaching consequences.


And if you are being self-critical and judging yourself, then you can bet that is going to reflect outwards on the people around you. So, knock off all the judgment! Show love to yourself. Treat yourself with kindness. How can you be a loving, kind person if you don’t like yourself very much? We tend to judge ourselves more harshly than others ever would.  We judge and criticize not only our actions, but our thoughts, our feelings, and even our fantasies.


Kabbalists explain that where I place my consciousness is what stays with me. When I look at another person and see darkness, I awaken that darkness within myself. Sometimes when we place a judgment on another it is because there is something that we recognize within ourselves – that person, like a mirror, can reveal something that you were unwilling or perhaps unable to see, but now you can.  Take that recognition and grow from it.  Just remember, when you are caught in a flash of judgment, take a moment and say to yourself:


When I measure and compare everything against the yardstick of my vision and ideals, everything falls short, because this isn’t an ideal world.  It’s a real world with real people, growing, making mistakes, learning, and evolving. Judgments block energy and hold negative patterns in place.  I release all judgments I place on myself and others.


“The more one judges, the less one loves.” ~ Honore de Balzac.


Our consciousness this month is not to judge. Let the benefit of the doubt be your mantra when you find yourself frustrated with anyone.




Love yourself more and judge yourself less. Better yet, stop judging yourself all together.

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