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1 hour ago
My interview with Lisa Bilyeu on The Women of Impact podcast was one of my favorites!

Her new episode on How to Overcome Fear features part of my interview + six other extraordinary women. Listen here:
monicaberg74 photo
2 days ago
You’ve just met someone and are filled with the lighthearted, excitable energy that comes with a new romantic connection. They send you flowers at work. You talk every day, and your conversations are both meaningful and easy. You call and leave a message. Nothing. Silence Oh no. monicaberg74 photo
5 days ago
Six years ago today my mentor, teacher and father in law, Rav Berg, left this physical world. May the light of The Rav shine forever and ever. monicaberg74 photo
6 days ago
I am a big believer in having goals and going after the things that you dream about. Desire is a fundamental part of life, and it is the force that keeps us growing and shifting.
1 week ago
My journey through fear has been a road crafted specifically to me and my purpose. We all have strengths that are shown through challenges, and each of them is designed to help us become our truest, most fully realized self. It is the path to our purpose. monicaberg74 photo
2 weeks ago
Resentment is among the most dastardly of emotions. Upon hearing this word, you’re likely to recall bitter arguments, toxic relationship dynamics, or that one boss you had who just never seemed to “get it.”
2 weeks ago
Does fear hold you back from being or doing something you want? I am breaking down the different types of fearwith Helen Little on The Public Library Podcast!

Listen to the full episode on 106.7 Lite FM 106.1 The Breeze iHeartRadio or Apple Podcasts:
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2 weeks ago
Nurture your children for the people they are, not for who you want them to become. I believe that our kids are not really our kids, in the ownership sense of the word-we are just here to help guide them to manifest their goals. monicaberg74 photo
3 weeks ago
In a few days, we will welcome Rosh Hashanah and with it a brand new year. At Rosh Hashanah, we are given brand new vessels from the Creator so that we might manifest all that we desire in the coming year.
3 weeks ago
In great company! Thanks for including #FearIsNotAnOption Twenty-Something Reads. monicaberg74 photo
3 weeks ago
My birthday, according to the lunisolar kabbalisitc calendar is today, the 23rd of virgo! For my birthday, my wish is to master the Danish practice of Hygge. monicaberg74 photo
4 weeks ago
Hyoo-guh. This is how you pronounce my new favorite word, which is also my new favorite intention. Hygge is a practice that is specific to Denmark—its home country—but is becoming common in many more places now