Solutions to Change the Pattern


In the face of stressful challenges unhappiness can serve as a beacon to spur positive change. Low moods can signal that its time to reevaluate what is happening in our lives.  We need to NOT react to our negative emotions & feelings.

Challenges or obstacles arise in life but our reactions & perspective can make them worse or better. We can choose to accept challenges as beyond our control OR we can accept them as an opportunity to grow and change and ultimately improve and renew our lives.

Depressed people deny themselves of this key decision-making. They put up with all bad situations.

We all have self-defeating responses, but we rarely take the time or effort to replace them with better alternatives.

While it’s much easier to learn the right response than to get rid of the wrong ones, a thought can still be changed.

Journal: Think of a difficult situation in your life now. Ask yourself is this something I can fix, something I should put up with, or something I need to walk away from?

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