Stop. Collaborate and Listen!

January 7, 2016
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Need someone to shake up the status quo? Find an Aquarian. Looking for a fresh perspective on things? Ask an Aquarian.


Aquarians are unique. Some may call them eccentric. But that’s what makes them so gosh darn entertaining at parties. (Always, be sure to invite at least one Aquarian!)


They tend to carve out their own paths in life, often leaving a big impact on the world. Their vision is impressive – so long as it’s for the greater good. They seldom shy away from conflict. Provoking people is all part of the game to them. These rebels of the zodiac seem to thrive on uncomfortable situations.


Idealists till the end, Aquarians are often at the helm of grand efforts for lasting change. However, they can get so caught up in their pursuits that they overlook things and people that need attention in their own lives.


Rav Berg has said,

Aquarius is both the channel for appeasing the world and the sign of abundance; everything is poured out and shared, with no accounting.

The energy of this month will push all of us to dream big. Creativity and inspiration are in abundance. Don’t ignore them! Whether it’s an idea for a novel or a government petition, use the energy of this month to assist you in making things happen. It’s no coincidence that the month of Aquarius begins right around the time when many of us are resolving to create change in our lives. The desire to do great things is strong.


The danger in this for all of us is that we can get so focused on our own agenda that we forget to consider the thoughts of the group. Being a team player means letting compassion fuel all of your endeavors and keeping your ego in check. When we focus our attention on others and consider the big ideas they are thinking up too, we are able to connect with something greater than ourselves.


Aquarians hold great potential to share Light. But they also have the potential to let their egos get out of control. This is a challenge for Aquarians in particular. They are skilled at seeing the bigger picture and plowing forward in an effort to bring that vision to reality, but in the process they can get so blinded by the concept of their causes and projects that they neglect their relationships with people.  We can all fall into this trap, especially this month. This is our ego working, which seeks to keep us apart from others. (Aquarians enjoy the status of visionary.)




Aquarius Quote


Our challenge then is to be kind and focus on others instead of ourselves. When we get fired up about an idea or a project, it’s easy to forget that those closest to us also have great ideas and perspectives that we should not only consider, but can help us be more successful. Reach out. Ask for the opinions of others – even if you are sure of your next step. You may be surprised. Two minds are better than one.


As we move out of the month of Aquarius in a few weeks, we can begin to lose steam, especially if the dreams we desire to fulfill require time to grow and collect momentum. By collaborating with others, we are less likely to ditch our plans when we encounter an obstacle. Partners can be valuable for problem solving and staying accountable. Be mindful of treating everyone, especially your loved ones, with care and respect. When you do, you’ll find that you have quite a willing team to give you the support and love you need.


True transformation means being one with humanity, not separate or apart.


Thought Into Action:


Got big dreams for the future? Write them down. Now ask yourself, who do you know who could help out? Find your ‘team,’ even if your pursuits are solo in nature. We could all use a little support. Behind every mover and shaker there is a loving group of people cheering them on.


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