Taurus and the Nature of Healing

April 20, 2023
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It’s no surprise that the start of the month of Taurus (Iyar in Hebrew) coincides with Earth Day (both fall on April 22 this year!). It’s a time for healing and continued transformation. And with the influx of Light readily available all month, our gardens are sure to grow!

And speaking of gardens, this month, we may find ourselves tempted to lie down amidst those blooming wildflowers. Like the blissful bull soaking up the sun and flicking its tail, we may not be aware of the powers we wield during this unique cosmic window. There is always work to be done, and we’ve got the internal muscle to make it happen. We need only to decide that it’s our time to get up and get moving!

We can start by healing ourselves, just as nature does so well. We all have physical, emotional, or spiritual places within us that can use a little tune-up (or a full-out overhaul). Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which has been long associated with love… and that includes self-love. We may go to a doctor and receive a treatment, surgery, or medication to help what ails us. And believe me, I’m all for that. In fact, with every walk or run I take, I’m grateful for the surgery and therapy that helped revive my injured ankle a few years back!

Still, it’s never the treatment alone that does the healing. As Rav Berg taught, WE are the only true healers of ourselves. Our body’s own intelligence is the surgeon that weaves the cellular structures back together. And our existing chemical processes are the catalysts that allow medicines to do their work. The point? We’ve got “the power”! What matters most is how and when we use it.

Each day, we’re charged with making choices that either harm or help us. During the month of Taurus, we’re encouraged to pay closer attention to our judgment–to the decisions we make regarding our health and actions in the world. Keep in mind that everything is connectedOur mental well-being depends upon our physical health, and vice versa. And our physical health relies on our diet, sleep, and exercise habits, which in turn affect our emotional and spiritual states.

The same is true for all natural processes. No matter where we find life, we also find that cultivating health is an interdependent and active pursuit! The tree’s fruits feed insects and animals who, in turn, spread the tree’s seeds and enrich the soil for future saplings. Water, the literal “elixir of life,” relies on soil, rocks, and the entire water cycle to help it maintain those life-giving properties. Even a scorched forest turns green in a relatively short time since the layers of ash enrich the soil for new growth. In nature, nothing stands still. Health means constant action and interaction, resiliency, and change.

Those born in the sign of Taurus are sometimes thought of as stubborn–thus the term “bullheaded.” Yet this isn’t a cosmic decree by any stretch! We can open ourselves to the great Light available and let it move us towards more flexibility in thought and action. After all, in the stock market, being “bullish” is a positive sign–it suggests an upward trend: the prospect of advancement. And that’s our shared outlook for the month ahead.

This week, ask where and how you can act on your increased capacity for healing. Is there a habit you’ve wanted to stop? A new exercise routine you’d like to start? Do you need to heal a metaphorical wound with a friend or a family member? Or simply to think in more constructive and self-affirming ways?

Commit to at least one positive ACTION each day, and write it in your calendar. And look to nature for inspiration and partnership on your quest!

The field of ecopsychology asserts that the health of the planet affects the physical and mental health of the individuals who share it. So as part of your personal healing plan, why not step outside the fence and do something good for the environment? Even a small gesture, such as planting a seed (or a tree!) can have far-reaching effects. We can all make an effort to recycle more… and waste less. We can pick up trash when we see it. And we can always contribute or volunteer for causes working on the front lines to make a difference.

As the saying goes, heal yourself; heal the world!

It may sound like a grand plan for a simple bull lolling in the sun, but it’s possible. The more we cultivate the best in ourselves, the more we’ll be able to share our gifts in meaningful and life-enriching ways. And to get there, all we have to do is stand up, notice what must be done, and charge ahead.

Happy Taurus, and Happy Earth Week!

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