Taurus: An Opportunity for Deep Healing

April 12, 2018
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We have no greater opportunity during the year to heal ourselves, inside and out, than we do during the month of Taurus. This weekend marks the beginning of this rejuvenating month and brings with it an invitation for all of us: to awaken our ability to heal.

While our physical bodies will certainly benefit, healing isn’t exclusive to the physical. The healing that Taurus brings can be one of spirit and emotions; it can be the healing of relationships or the healing of a financial circumstance. Whatever the case may be, the possibility for healing is available to us in abundance.

This abundance is due to Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus. Venus is an inner planet, which means it orbits within the asteroid belt with Mercury, Earth, and Mars. But it is the only inner planet with a clockwise rotation, representing the loving transition from judgment to mercy —the foundation of healing. When we set aside judgment we allow the Light to flow through us unencumbered, bringing about miracles and blessings that once were blocked. This lack of judgment is why Taureans are able to see the good in just about anything and anyone. They value beauty, elegance, and comfort, are ambassadors of security and stability, and love more thoroughly and with more loyalty than any other sign.

However, just as any month, Taurus also comes with its own unique challenges. Stubbornness, haughtiness, an inability to be flexible, and a strong propensity for denial plague this zodiac sign. Because they love comfort so much, they’re hard pressed to leave their comfort zone, and this can bring stagnation. None of the above are things that we typically equate with healing or love.

Because this energy affects not only those born under this sign but all of us this month, our invitation for healing brings with it a challenge. In order to experience deep healing, we must first get honest about what needs to be healed in the first place.

When it comes to our physical bodies, it’s a bit easier to identify when we need to tend to an ailment. We may say we want to be stronger or more fit, so the obvious answer is exercise, but we get caught in resistance and excuses. We catch a cold and feel terrible, yet we won’t stay home from work and rest, no matter how simple the solution is.

This goes for every other part of our life. We may have a goal we want to achieve yet we don’t take steps toward it. Our comfort zones are just so comfortable. Even when someone causes us emotional pain, we may ignore it for the sake of avoiding conflict. Our relationships are struggling, and instead of having a difficult yet heartfelt conversation about it, we sit stagnant, denying that anything is wrong or that we can do anything to change it.

We’ve all experienced these types of snags, and they are all understandable. Change is not easy; growth is not comfortable. But both are necessary if we are going to live a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

While the loving, healing energies of Taurus flood us this month, I invite you to ask yourself: what in my life needs to be healed?

Be totally honest with yourself. Move as Venus moves, away from judgment and toward mercy. When you feel judgment arise for yourself or someone else, gently acknowledge it and then let it go. We’re all doing the best we can, and when we let go of judgment, we are able to see the landscape of our lives and relationships through loving eyes.

When you become clear on what you would like to heal, write it down. Maybe it’s one thing, maybe it’s multiple things. Under each, write three things, no matter how small, that you can do to assist in the healing of that thing. For example, if it is something physical that has been ailing you, your list might include making an appointment with a specialist, researching naturopathic supplements, or taking a restorative yoga class. Baby steps are key here, after all, we are in Taurus so going against our nature will be especially tough!

Above all else, be kind to yourself and others this month. Healing cannot occur where there is negativity but a consciousness of loving kindness that can heal the world. And that is our opportunity during Taurus, to heal ourselves, our lives, and by the extension the world around us.



The kabbalists say that the Light acts as our shadow, what we do is what the Light mimics. What in your life would you like to heal? Write down the ways that you can assist in this healing and then practice certainty that the Light of the Creator will work with you to bring it about.

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