The Age of Aquarius is Ours to Create

January 19, 2023
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Remember the famous song, “Age of Aquarius,” from the 1967 musical Hair? In it, the 5th Dimension sings, “Harmony and understanding/Sympathy and trust abounding… This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!”

It’s a poetic (if a bit psychedelic) reminder of what is possible in the world. According to Earth Sky writers Bruce McClure and Deborah Byrd, the astrological Age of Aquarius relates to shifts in constellations over thousands of years. Some astrologers believe we are currently in this age, while others say it’s still centuries away. In any case, the month of Aquarius (Shevat in Hebrew) opens the cosmic window to the energy of harmony for all!

No wonder, then, that Aquarians have a knack for perceiving the gestalt, or the unified whole. Many born under the sign are drawn to causes greater than themselves, often affecting positive transformation in the world. Among them are leaders and changemakers from all walks of life: Abraham Lincoln, Galileo Galilei, Rosa Parks, Charles Darwin, and Frederick Douglass, to name a few. Personality-wise, those born under this sign tend to be independent, progressive, and creative thinkers. In fact, this sign’s energy is almost diametrically opposed to that which we experienced in the month of Capricorn. Whereas Capricorn loves rules and boundaries (and can use a bit of rebellion), Aquarius sees beyond walls, borders, and confines of every kind. It is an air sign–unbounded and connected with the infinite.

If anything, Aquarius calls for harnessing all that potential into focused action. The sign’s symbol is the water bearer: the one who brings life-giving sustenance in its purest form. This is an opportune time to explore your passions, identify your deepest convictions, and then get out there on the front lines and act!

At the same time, Aquarians sometimes need reminding not to forget the trees for the forest (I know, that sounds backwards, but hear me out!). While Aquarians have that natural idealism and sense of justice for the world, they sometimes forget that the cause isn’t just a blanket concept–it encompasses individuals and details which sometimes get overlooked. For instance, an Aquarian may want to solve world hunger yet forget that there are many in need in her own community. Or maybe he sends money to an environmental cleanup organization (which is wonderful) yet ignores the trash in the park next door. As Rav Berg noted in Kabbalistic Astrology, “Aquarians must learn that caring about society does not mean neglecting the individual. True spirituality means being part of humanity, not above it.”

So, while donations and grand gestures of support from afar are always needed in the world, it’s important that we remain attuned to what’s happening in our homes and communities as well. Whether that means visiting a family member who may be lonely, volunteering for a local relief effort of some kind, or simply spreading cheer out in our neighborhoods, we can always make a difference in the here and now.

Since Aquarians are able to see things not just as they are, but as they might be, they are natural manifesters. Kabbalah teaches that our thoughts, which are linked with the Light, are among the most potent tools in the Universe. (Remember Rav Berg’s words: “Consciousness is everything!”) So if we can visualize a better–more peaceful, kind, connected, and loving–planet, then we are already on our way to making it happen! The Pirkei Avot, also called The Book of Ethics, teaches that none of us is “obligated to complete the work” needed in the world by ourselves, but neither are we free to ignore it. We each have the power to help reveal the Light in places and ways that only we can.

This month, channel your inner Aquarian in expansive, life-enhancing ways! Stand up, step up, and venture out to make a difference–whether to one person or to many. Start small, start local, start right where you are.

Together, we can create that Age of Aquarius we heard about so long ago. And, as the days grow longer one by one, we can do our part –as the song says–to “Let the sunshine in!”

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