The Aries 12-Day Challenge

March 27, 2017
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Above any other month of the year, Aries grants us the ability to change and shape our destiny which is unique to each of us. Kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari) taught that each of the first 12 days of Aries corresponds to and directly influences each of the 12 months of the year. For example, day one of Aries corresponds to the month of Aries, day two to Taurus, and so on. The reason this information is so beneficial to us is because, the way in which we think and behave on these 12 days will affect the nature and future of the upcoming months, thereby changing our destiny.

In fact, we are given the opportunity to overcome anything that comes our way, challenges big or small. Whatever it is that ordinarily stands in our way, what blocks us from receiving the fulfillment and happiness we desire and deserve, is no match for the energy contained in these next 12 days. As Rav Berg said, “Aries is the battleground to determine the outcome of all battles that will arise during the next 12 months.”

Below we’ll look at what each day brings to us and how we can work with that specific energy.

March 28th ~ Aries: Aries energy is all about switching focus from self to others. It’s time to switch from ‘me, me, me’ to ‘how can I help you?’ Let go of past mistakes and slip-ups. By shifting your focus away from yourself, you begin to connect to what really matters. Work on avoiding conflict and, instead, empathizing with others.


March 29th ~ Taurus: Shake things up and try something new! Taurus energy loves comfort but that can equal complacency. Kabbalah teaches us to embrace discomfort by stretching outside of our comfort zone so do one thing today to make that stretch. Look for moments when you feel yourself leaning towards comfort and choose discomfort instead.


March 30th ~ Gemini: Today is the day to finish what you start. Gemini loves procrastinating so this is a call to take action. What things are you putting off? Is there a project you’re wanting to start? Take steps toward completing your tasks today. Pull your focus off of the big picture and place it on the details. Small steps create big chance. Trust the Light, not your logic.


March 31st ~ Cancer: Time to let go! Of fear, negativity, doubt, and excess. Cancer asks us to live in the present, but we can’t do that when we are holding onto the past or trying to plan for the future. Today, awaken appreciation for all that you have but remember that nothing in the physical realm can bring you security. Let go of possessions, beliefs, emotions, patterns, and anything else that no longer serves you.


April 1st ~ Leo: Today offers an invitation to step out of the spotlight. Leo loves to be the center of attention so resist the urge to take charge. Take the time to consider the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of others. Allow others to speak, take more time to listen and truly understand them. Being strong doesn’t mean controlling people, it means supporting them. Look for ways to be for others today.


April 2nd ~ Virgo: You may be right, but today, consider the possibility that you might be wrong. There may be a better way than ‘your’ way. Rather than judging others or jumping to conclusions, consider new points of view. Release your desire to control by letting go of criticizing and micromanaging. After all, control in our lives is an illusion. All we truly control is how we react. Choose wisely.


April 3rd ~ Libra: Today is all about connecting to certainty at every step. Libra energy loves to mull it over so make indecision a thing of the past. When we allow the Creator to guide our choices, there is little room for doubt. Don’t question past decisions. Today, trust that you are on the right path and if doubt arises, invite the Light back in.


April 4th ~ Scorpio: The only thing more destructive than hating others is hating yourself. The energy of Scorpio is loving and compassionate so the invitation today is to extend a little of both to YOU! Release jealousy, release control, release judgement. Share your love with yourself and others and when in doubt, ask the Creator for assistance.


April 5th ~ Sagittarius: Slow down and open up. The invitation today is to take your time, consider all the details, look at the big picture, and then decide. Look for the things in your life you care the most about and examine what commitments or behaviors are not aligned with them. Allow sensitivity to yourself today, as well as to others.


April 6th ~ Capricorn: Let yourself love. Today, practice humility and examine the expectations you put on yourself and you love. Instead, connect to the Light and bring that energy to all of your relationship. Express your emotions, practice vulnerability, and open up to intimacy. Don’t be afraid and always remember that the process is the purpose.


April 7th ~ Aquarius: Let the Light lead today. Being unique can lend itself to service of the ego if we aren’t careful. Practice being a team player and release the need to run the show. Try giving special care to those around you instead. When we focus our attention on others, we connect to something greater than ourselves. Focus on treating others with dignity and respect, today and always.


April 8th ~ Pisces: Today, work to release feelings of victimhood. If you want to change your circumstances you must first take responsibility for where you are. Start by making proactive choices toward your joy and fulfillment while working to release any feelings of blame or guilt. Remember that you are not a victim, you always have a choice. Take it a step further by allowing grace, instead of criticism.


Remember to be patient and gentle with yourself throughout this practice. It isn’t about being perfect or getting it right, it is about our unique process. The Rav explains that the month of Aries is linked to the idea of seeds, where everything is at infancy level – everything is at the very beginning, offering us the unique potential for growth and change. This is a time of little tests and confrontations which, if responded to in proactive ways, will make all the difference and completely transform the year to come.



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