The Great Pay-Off of Discomfort

April 8, 2021
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We all feel it. We all fight it. Call it pain or awkwardness or just the sensation of things not being quite right. But what if we could throw ourselves headlong into the maelstrom and focus on the benefits of an utter lack of comfort?

So many times, I frame my blogs and teachings around the benefits of a new moon. This month is a bit different. I’m diving into the concept of swimming against the current of Taurus to attain something new and awaken something powerful. The good news is that the universe, in its infinite wisdom, is providing the perfect complementary energy to pull off my Danny Ocean-like scheme. Welcome to my Change Heist.

As I’ve said before (notably here), Taureans resist change, instead valuing comfort and relaxation. Therefore, this new moon can be a wonderful chance to rest after a long year of constant flux and adaptation. But the aspect of the new moon of Taurus that I love to explore is the restorative energy of its ruling planet, Venus. Our cosmic next-door neighbor is the only planet within the asteroid belt to rotate clockwise, which imbues this time with a loving energy of mercy and healing. As I see it, we can both sit back and recharge this month, taking time to mend, and utilize that healthy boost to dive into discomfort with some universal assistance. We can make the changes and reap the benefits that are rightfully ours. Taking charge and seeking change is an amazing opportunity to crack the proverbial safe and pack our loot bags with things like mental health, spiritual growth, and financial equilibrium.

As with any good cinematic heist, we need three things:

1: The Team

2: The Plan

3: The Score

Number one:

Let’s begin with the team. We have ourselves, possibly shaken from a rough year, but still standing and willing to do whatever it takes to push through hardship to continue the work of perfecting ourselves. We have the loyal, stubborn energy of Taurus to imbue our efforts this month with a sense of divine purpose. We have Venus, our femme fatale with a heart of gold, to perk us up when the going gets tough. Throw in a dear friend or partner who is on your side and will gently point out when you are dipping into the unique dangers of Taurus (namely: rigidity and denial), and you have an unstoppable squad.

Number two:

Next up: the plan. It can start simply enough, depending on the prize you have in mind. If it’s physical health, step one can be taking the stairs instead of the elevator. If it’s financial health, it can be downloading (and eventually using) an expense-tracking app. If it’s mental health, it can be silencing the negative self-talk limiting your beliefs and disconnecting you from your Source. If it’s a relationship goal, it may be as easy to start as putting down your phone for ten minutes at the end of the day and zeroing in on listening to your partner with the desire to truly hear them and connect on a deeper level. Every great journey is made up of smaller, achievable waypoints. Sometimes, the first, smallest step requires the most bravery because that’s when we are initially committing to the change.

“Because the house always wins. Play long enough, you never change the stakes; the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, and then you take the house.” – Ocean’s 11

Number three.

Finally, the score. I saved it for the end because it is at once the most and least important piece of the story. In my life, the score has ceased to be the ideal weight or the dream home or the next book I write. None of those things are inherently bad choices when you’re planning your dance with discomfort this month. But for me, the mother lode is change itself. I am a change junkie, and Taurus doesn’t necessarily encourage that energy. So, for me to take down the house and walk out of Taurus with valuable, lasting changes, I often find that I need to be more cognizant of – and resilient to – the discomfort of the month.

The conceit of a Change Heist is inherently silly because the universe wants us to change. A Change Heist is tantamount to stealing from a system designed to give to us. But sometimes, the aspects of the zodiac force us to think in elementary ways that we understand in order to take full advantage of what the Creator is offering freely.

“I wish for a world where everyone understands that discomfort is the price of legendary. And fear is just growth coming to get you.” – Robin S. Sharma

It may seem as though I have been fighting the energy of Taurus thus far in my fever dream of a heist movie, but, again, this new moon brings the energy of healing. While our physical bodies are sure to benefit, healing isn’t exclusively physical. Taurus brings healing to our emotional and mental selves as well. I don’t believe that change is antithetical to healing. In fact, I think that change is inherent to healing. Lowering our reliance on processed food, cutting down on alcohol, finding outlets and exercises to reduce stress; these changes are just some of the keys to healing body and soul. If you can slip into the hurricane of discomfort and hold close to the solace that Taurus provides, you can accomplish wondrous changes.

RETHINK MOMENT: Are you in a place that requires rest and relaxation? Great! Taurus is hitting at just the right moment. Are you living a moment that craves wild, provocative change? Great! Taurus is hitting at just the right moment. You can’t lose.

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