There is great importance in knowing yourself.  It’s futile to think that somewhere out there is a panacea, cure, easy-fix or prescription to develop the human soul, because there’s no such thing.  We already know (well I hope we do) that unwavering effort is the requirement of transformation.  There are no days off.

It is our responsibility to make honest, self-aware inquiries into the deep aspects of our unique souls.  We must know our emotions, our motives and our fears, because it is impossible for a person to maintain consciousness of the connection to the Light of the Creator unless he or she first delves into the essence of his or her own soul.

The fact that you are reading this post, at this very moment illustrates that you are obviously interested in something spiritual and you are trying to make a leap or make a connection.  This is wonderful, and a great start, but just remember that it will be impossible to truly connect to your source, to the Light, unless you connect to the spark of the source, to the spark of the Light that you have within.  We must know our selves, and this takes constant (and might I add, very worthwhile) effort.

If one has no insight into the knowledge into his or her own soul, then one can have no insight into its source, the Creator.

We must know, and first have the desire to know, who we are in the here and now.  This requires looking deep within one’s own soul and listening to the whispers of our own heart. Kabbalist Klonimus Kalmanit’s a tongue-twister!— is an amazing kabbalist, and his work stands the test of time, there are times when I read his works and it feels as if he wrote them yesterday.

Sadly, Kabbalist Kalman died in the Holocaust. He buried his journals in the camps.  When his works were exhumed, they discovered a note that accompanied them and it read, “If you find these and you find me alive, send it to me… this is my name… and if I’m not alive, send it to…” giving a different address.  A lot of his teachings were found with these notes. I thought that  to be very profound.

In his works he teaches that the way the mind operates, the emotions and all the other psychological functions are possible only through personal experience, which one must discover for him or her self.  He compares the difference between studying the soul and studying the body.  The body is easier to connect to and understand because it is tangible; you can see it, you can feel it, we can dissect it.  It is present and apparent.  Whereas the soul is intangible, the goings-on of the soul are within (invisible to everybody else), and only apparent to us because they exist inside of our own bodies.  His analogy points out that everybody must be their own analyst.

To put it simply, it is important to be true to yourself because nobody else is going to do that for you – we can all be the best version of ourselves, but we first must come to know who we are.

Know who you are… ask yourself when you wake up…

  1. How do you feel in the mornings?  What excites you?
  2. How aware are you of your daily motivations?
  3. What is your intention for each day?

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