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May 29, 2014
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How do you bring two divergent things together?

If for instance, you wanted to boil water on a fire… you can’t just throw the water on the flame; that would extinguish the fire and you’d lose all the water! You have to put something between the elements. It is not until the moment we introduce a third element—in this case, a pot— that we are able to reach our desired goal, boiling water.

The pot in this analogy represents restriction, which is of central importance in this month of Gemini. In fact, the Rav often shared that practicing restriction is the secret to creating unity. Geminis are quick-thinking, alert, bright, fast-talking, and charmingly persuasive. They have a penchant for information and practicality. A Gemini will grasp all sides of a question, integrate a standpoint and make a decision all at the same time! They adeptly get straight to the heart of even the most complex of matters. Geminis are like Mercury, which is the fastest planet in our solar system – traveling at 140,000 miles per hour and managing to complete a full trip around the sun in just 88 Earth days. Because of the speed of their intellects, Geminis have a great tendency to act and speak reactively, without completely thinking it through. Their quick wit is an effective offensive and defensive weapon.

We are all under the effects of mercurial Gemini this month, which is why restriction is so important. Be mindful. If someone hurts or embarrasses you, remember that you are part of the Creator, and respond with that aspect of yourself instead of your ego. Don’t counter attack; instead, restrict the tendency to fight and vilify that person. Fight against your ego’s desire, because the only thing that creates lack of unity, perpetuates fighting, and encourages arguments between friends, spouses, and family members is the ego. The need to be right is what brings chaos and keeps us divided from others and those we love.

I feel it important to clarify the difference between restriction and repression. Often I have found that maybe a few years after starting to study Kabbalah, students will tell me, “I don’t understand why this situation isn’t changing! I keep restricting and I just feel so angry inside.” This is the first indication that you aren’t restricting, but rather, repressing. To restrict is to take any negative emotion you may be feeling about someone or something and choosing a proactive response. In other words, use the Godly nature within you and connect to the Godly nature in the other person or the situation.

It’s also no coincidence that Gemini is represented by Twins (similar but different entities), since this month is all about integration and unification. Creating unity is sometimes hard to do, but the gift of this month is merging together Light and darkness. As the Rav always said, “Darkness is not really a power. It’s simply a lack of Light.” It is important to remember that strengths and weaknesses, dark and Light, positive and negative occupy and share—in exact balance—two sides of the same coin.  And this month offers the opportunity to reveal an abundance of Light by combining these opposing forces and the power of two sides in equal forms.

A few weeks ago I posted about the Counting of the Omer. To briefly recap, the 49 days after Passover are known as the Counting of the Omer. We begin this process with a renewed ability to remove any darkness that we have attached to ourselves. Rav Avraham Azulai said, “We count for 49 days and on the 50th day—Shavuot—there is the revelation called the Torah, the revelation of freedom from death. At Shavuot, everyone should have achieved a level of connection, of purity, of holiness, according to their spiritual growth.” Even if a person is at the 49th Gate of Impurity before Passover, by the time Shavuot arrives, which is the day after we are finished Counting the Omer, he will at least be entering into the first Gate of Purity. If a person, before Passover, is at the first Gate of Purity, by Shavuot he is at the 50th Gate of Purity, which is the gate of immortality – the total removal of death. This is why these 49 days of the year are so powerful.

Shavuot is a connection to what kabbalists call “the revelation on Mount Sinai.” It is a code word for the perfect union between the Light and the physical world that occurred 3,400 years ago in the desert – total perfection. Every year on this date, the full revelation of immortality returns to the cosmos in a state of potential, allowing us to overcome the force called Death.  Kabbalists teach that it is this unseen force that not only strikes and affects the physical body, but is also responsible for the demise of relationships, prosperity, and happiness in any form.  Therefore, making the Shavuot connection is a spiritual insurance policy guaranteeing you life – and fulfillment – that lasts. We live in a reality of entropy; clothes wear out, roads and bridges deteriorate, and people grow old and pass on. However, for kabbalists, the potential for immortality is real.

Make peace and harmony the clear objective this month so you can truly harness the power and energy available to you.  Always remember that the greatest challenges contain the greatest amount of Light.  The most uncomfortable situations are the ones to watch out for, because overcoming them shapes and transforms you.  Geminis especially do not like to find themselves in compromising situations.  So a challenge for those born under this sign is to forgo trying to escape emotionally awkward interactions and situations by deflecting it with their prompt intellect and razor sharp wit.  Engage with your feelings, because through the challenge lies the gift.


This month in particular is a time to cultivate and nurture relationships. Don’t flee from emotional discomfort; be sure to access what’s beneath appearances to reveal what’s at the source.  Make a promise to yourself that as of right now, conflict and anger have no place in your life.  The only objective is unity.


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