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February 16, 2017
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Two weeks ago, we welcomed in the month of Aquarius, the rebel of the zodiac, a time to go against our nature, to problem solve with renewed consciousness. I spoke about the opportunity that the energy of Aquarius brings to us all, the chance to separate our egos from the bigger picture.


We are living in a potent, yet challenging, time. We are divided from each other and this divisiveness is seen in the news, in the country, and across the world. Fear and negativity seem to be everywhere. Many of us may be feeling a sense of hopelessness, or that none of our actions are making the slightest bit of difference. I am here to tell you that this is very much, not the case.


A big step forward toward healing and unity occurs when we realize just how powerful each of us truly are, as individuals. The power of one person is strong enough to change the world. I recall a TED talk given by Drew Dudley, the Leadership Development Director at the University of Canada, called Everyday Leadership. He spoke about an experience early in his career in which a student expressed to him that, while he was simply doing his job at the time, being himself while making nervous freshmen feel welcome, he eased her overwhelming fears of beginning school and, effectively, set her life on course in a way she never expected. The best part is, as she expressed her deep gratitude to him later on, he had no recollection of the story at all. Yet, he had changed someone’s life. This is the power we all innately have. When we are kind in seemingly tiny ways, we have the ability to change people’s lives. The fact is, one small kindness which seems inconsequential to you, may be a moment that resonates powerfully through someone elses life, lending them strength and certainty.


When we connect to the Light, we connect ourselves to others because the ego is no longer running the show. We no longer see ourselves as separate. We no longer feel that everything is okay as long as everything in our lives is going well. As Benjamin Franklin so aptly put it, Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. Instead, we begin to see that we can not be truly whole when others are suffering or in pain.


My husband, Michael Berg, speaks often on this topic, “If we do not feel the pain of others, and feel fine as long as all is right for us, we cannot be connected to the light of the Creator.” Kabbalistic teachings share that there is no separation, on a spiritual level, between people, we create the separation with our egos and our lack of human dignity. That separation and subsequent injustice is an anathema to the Creator.


Kabbalist Rav Ashlag spoke at length on the paramount importance of global unity. ““It should not astonish you that I associate the peace and wellbeing of a single community with the peace and wellbeing of the whole world. Since every individual in society derives his vitality and every need from the people of the entire world, he is thereby obligated to serve the entire world

and care for it.”  – Rav Ashlag




It can be easy to become overwhelmed and think to ourselves, well what can I do about it?

We are in a month where the cosmic energy invites us to greater freedom, a key personal quest of many Aquarians, who not coincidentally, are one of the most stubborn of all the signs. They remain immovable while working to move Heaven and Earth for a global cause. They reject establishment, and fight, tooth and nail, to maintain their individuality and their freedom. This is how we effect great change in the world. The challenge, however, is to remember to have empathy toward others, to remove our pride, to separate from our ego..


Remember that cultivating our own happiness, peace, and joy helps us to come to a place where we are able to give more. Connecting to joy in your day is way of creating Light, as you begin to feel more joyful you create more Light for, not only yourself, but entire world. Imagine what the world would look like if everyone put their ego aside for five minutes a day to cultivate joy and happiness, to be kind whenever an opportunity presents itself. Imagine a world where we are not afraid of each other but celebrate each other, bring love to one another, and see ourselves as beautiful individuals that are a part of the same whole.


That may seem like a distant future and yet, it can be created right now in your thoughts, in your beliefs, and in your actions.


Thought into Action

Is there an area of your life where you find yourself not being as kind as you could be? Global unity seems like such a lofty concept but it begins with each of us, every day and it starts with even the smallest kindness.




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