Now is the best time of year to explore our inclinations, especially where and on what we place our attention. We attach ourselves to the energy that we focus on, and at any given moment you can choose to see and ultimately connect to the GOOD or BAD in people and ourselves.

Virgo is an earth sign, and Virgo’s view of the world is physical and practical.  In fact no other sign in the Zodiac possesses Virgo’s logical, analytical and methodical capabilities, which is possibly what makes them the perfectionists that they are to begin with.  Making it very easy for them to call out what they think is good and bad.

Virgos are not beyond reproach when they sit in judgment.  We are not made virtuous by recognizing the faults in others. We need to be aware that our consciousness guides us toward what we see.

Remember: It’s impossible for me to see something that I have not awakened in myself, because WHAT I see is where I AM.

If I choose to see positive I awaken that in myself. I strengthen my positive over the negative and I redirect my energy and focus. We must remember that our negative inclination wants us to concentrate on darkness and negativity. When I’m standing in front of somebody or looking at them with judgment, it is my darkness pushing me to focus on the darkness in that person. When I do this I make the perfect union between my darkness and theirs.  But if I see the good in another person, I awaken my Light and I’ve connected with their Light. It’s a two-way street.

Once again, the month of Elul provides us great opportunity to really view ourselves, especially once we remove the Binoculars of Falsehood, and stop minimizing our faults and negative actions so we can truly take stock of “who I am”, “what my actions were during the course of the year”, and “what can I do differently?”

The process of Tshuvah must not only focus on ourselves, but again, how we can view others differently and stop judging their actions in order to avoid dealing with our own.  In all honesty, it’s not fun to see OUR flaws, and at times can be painful.  But if we are willing to really see ourselves – flawed and all – then that is the first step in transforming into who we are destined to become.


1.  How do you allow yourself to view other people?

2.  Do you fully accept and appreciate that everyone has good and bad?

3.  Practice seeing the good.

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