Virgo: Wake Up With Amnesia

August 28, 2019
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Imagine what it would be like to see everything for the first time.

It might feel scary, strange, uncertain, or likely all of the above. But also… exciting. How miraculous to look at yourself and your life with brand new eyes. With a perspective that is genuinely untainted by experience.

This is the opportunity that the month of Virgo can bring us. Though brief, the energy is so significant. By connecting with it now, and aligning with this energy every day for the next 30 days consciously and with purpose, we can literally jumpstart the changes we so crave.

But we have to show up with consciousness and intention. Understanding the energy of Virgo is a great first step.

Virgos are masters of detail. Their focus, ability to organize is their superpower. This makes them great surgeons, editors, nutritionists, and educators. However, their strength is also their weakness. They have a hard time delegating, they can’t resist “stepping in to help” when things don’t go as planned and are quick to point out what you’re doing wrong. Virgos rarely win any astrological empathy awards. They are perfectionists and while their exterior would suggest they “have it all together,” the target of their most critical eye is themselves.

Virgos struggle to see the big picture. Where others might see a beautiful picnic, Virgos will lament how there aren’t exactly enough snacks for everyone. Where others are excited to receive an A on a project, Virgos will go to work figuring out why an A+ escaped them. For every ten beautiful things in their life, they will fixate on the one thing that isn’t working.

So, I challenge you to forget everything. Really, let it all go. The good, the bad, the indifferent. Close your eyes, take the entire picture you have of your life and everything in it and wipe it clean. When you open your eyes, remember nothing.

For the next 30 days, I challenge you to wake up every day with this conscious amnesia. For the entire month of Virgo, release your past.


If you woke up without any history, how would that change the way you think about your life? What prominent thoughts would disappear? What beliefs would vanish? The way we experience anything begins with our thoughts, they are the building blocks of our life. Therefore, any change in our thoughts creates immediate change in our experience. Begin this challenge by taking time each day to notice how different you feel when you catch your habitual thoughts and “forget” them. For example, upon waking up in the morning, let the first thing you notice be the feel of your sheets or the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen instead of the feeling of stress from the day that awaits you. As you move through the day, write down each thought, and then write down what you would think instead if that person, place, or thing you are thinking of was totally new to you. Then, move on to…


Our emotions arise from our thoughts, both good and bad. As you move through not fixating on your thoughts, notice what changes in your emotions. Perhaps there is a thought that says nothing ever goes your way that usually inspires feelings of sadness, frustration, or hopelessness. Without that thought, how do you feel now? Joyful? Content? Lighter? Continue your amnesia and see what shifts.


If you haven’t noticed yet, manifesting our life experience is a three-step process: thoughts that lead to emotions that lead to actions. This is quite literally the process of creation. As you consciously forget your old responses, you’re going to be creating a brand new experience. You’ll see it begin to unfold physically as you notice how differently you act. Now that you aren’t giving energy to your habitual thoughts and are accessing new feelings about everything, how does that change the way you act? What acts of kindness, sharing, and love arise naturally when you no longer see life through the lens of self; your story, your past? How differently do you react to your spouse, your family, your friends? How differently do you feel at work, in line at the grocery store, or while you’re sitting in traffic? Bring your attention to the shifts and remember the most potent changes will be subtle at first.

The energy of Virgo happens now for a specific purpose. We are all meant to confront our negativity to prepare ourselves for the new year beginning on Rosh Hashanah. By challenging ourselves to forget everything we think we know and instead see everything with fresh eyes, we are able to examine our nature. We can identify where negativity has accumulated in our thoughts, emotions, and actions and eliminate it. Our goal is a radical change and immense growth, which only occurs by taking an unflinching account of our not-so-great habits and qualities.

One of the biggest challenges for why we do not want to confront our own negativity and push ourselves to change is because we do not believe that we can.



Begin your amnesia today! Start by noticing your thoughts—are they coming from history or from the present moment? As you shift your thoughts continue noticing how your emotions change and then how your actions change. Share what you find in the comments!


  1. Amazing, beautiful blog. Made me think of the song “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes.

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