"We are as happy as we make our minds up to be"


Do you create your reality or do you react to the world around you? Your thoughts power your reality – that is the true and irrefutable power of the mind. Thoughts are energy that you expend into your daily existence, gathering in magnitude.

Imagine thoughts are like drops of water, when you think the same thoughts over and over again you create this incredible body of water, at first a puddle, then a pond, then a lake and finally an ocean. If our thoughts are negative — We drown in a sea of negativity. If our thoughts are positive — We float in the ocean of life.

Your thoughts become your beliefs and your beliefs inform the choices you make. Don’t let that overwhelm you, a thought is just a thought and a thought can be changed. Through awakening your consciousness and accessing the true power of your thoughts, you can begin to live the life you want.

The next time you feel a touch of sadness bringing you down; don’t get caught up in the inertia of that feeling, use the feeling of sadness to spur you toward its counterpart – happiness. Being happy creates the reality of happiness and creating a reality of happiness makes you happy. … Choose happiness.

For just one day, even if you’re feeling gloomy, just simply smile at random strangers as you walk on the street. You’ll be surprised to find how your thoughts and feelings will soon mirror the simple act of smiling.

Just remember:
Don’t mistake moods for reality. Feel the emotion, but don’t become it.

1. Change your negative beliefs about yourself, those around you and the world.
2. Identify when you feel unworthy of happiness
3. Remember a re-occurring negative thought about yourself that often revisits your psyche when you’re feeling down.
4. For this one negative thought, write 3 positive thoughts that counter your negative belief.

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