Why you need sunscreen in December

December 3, 2013
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I hope you experienced the miraculous last month during Sagittarius, now we’re on to the month of Capricorn. Capricorns are symbolized by the mountain goat, an animal known for its sure-footedness, and determination — an appropriate icon because of their strong work ethic and great ambition. They take life seriously, working day and night to build material security now and for the future. 

Capricorns are reliable and diligent with a burning determination to succeed. However, they are rarely boastful about their successes. They are actually quiet and diplomatic, the kings and queens of subtlety. Reserved and not very talkative, it takes time and patience to get beneath their serious facade. Because they are emotionally guarded, many people miss the fact that Capricorns are actually sensitive. If you can penetrate their seemingly cold outer layers, you will find yourself a loyal, loving friend.

I often point out, each month has unique opportunities and challenges and Capricorn is one month that abounds with adversity, yet has the potential for great blessings and rewards. These obstacles will present themselves as chaos and judgment BECAUSE there is so much Light. The spiritual Light this month can cause damage, just as physical light can cause a sunburn if we forget to protect our skin. The way we protect ourselves from the overabundance of Capricorn is through the practice of tolerance and sharing. People who exhibit intolerance, who do not share, or who are selfish will experience the proverbial ‘burn’ of the month.

We need to counteract this overabundance of Light with our actions. Simply put, the antidote is to act with an overabundance of human dignity, over-the-top sharing, and overwhelming love towards others.

It’s so easy when put like that, right? In the real world, other people are jerks, they behave selfishly, they do things wrong. We justify not sharing, not loving, being disrespectful because ‘I’m right’. I have good reasons. I am totally justified in withholding my support or my love or my sharing or my time! As humans, we are amazing at forming logical excuses for our insensitivity and intolerance toward others. However, just as the month presents us with challenges, it also is abundant with energy that we can connect to in order to counteract these negative tendencies. Like those born under this sign, channel the traits of diplomacy and active listening to aid you. Go out of your way to show kindness and as my husband says, “Share ridiculously.”

While sharing is certainly its own reward, when you do a person a favor, you are also strengthening your spiritual muscles, so to speak. Giving is a self-perpetuating cycle in that when you do someone a favor, you tend to like them more and thereby it’s easier to give to them again in the future. You didn’t read that wrong. While it is expected that the person you did the favor for will like you better, you may be surprised that your action of giving made you like them more. This is a phenomenon dubbed the Ben Franklin effect, based on his quote, “He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another than he whom you yourself have obliged.” You don’t have to take Ben’s word for it, researchers Jon Jecker and David Landy supported his observations with research.

There is a warning here as well, because everything has an opposite. When we mistreat another person we like them less, even if they haven’t done anything to us at all. The more we slander or disrespect someone, even unprovoked, the easier it is for us to continue to do so. This is a very negative and damaging cycle to fall into and if unrestricted can spiral out of control. (Think Hatfields and McCoys!) In fact, the energy of the month lends itself to supporting this nasty habit. Forewarned is forearmed!

There is a tremendous beauty to this month, an overabundance of blessings, joy, and Light available to all of us. All we have to do is play nice, play fair and love with all our hearts. Simple.

May your month be filled with all the breakthroughs and achievements you desire and deserve.


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