Worthy! The Soul Remains Undamaged


Our search is not merely for contentment, or momentary happiness — but for lasting fulfillment. How do we get to lasting fulfillment? First, begin with the certainty that we can be content and we can be satisfied, we can have all these things.

Be aware that there is a negative side pushing us off our path with thoughts like:

  • I don’t deserve this
  • I’m unworthy
  • I’ve damaged my soul through past actions
  • I can’t grow and change.

Stop the criticism. You have the right to be happy and fulfilled simply because you exist.

Kabbalists say that the soul can never be damaged, it can only be covered.  So be honest with yourself, have you acted selfishly in the past?  Have you hurt others and yourself? Of course. But in the end it doesn’t change anything, because negativity cannot extinguish the Light.

People will tell me, “Oh, I’ve done this horrible thing”. They judge themselves, and they feel shame. The way they handle their mistakes and lapses in judgment is to internalize it, to degrade and berate themselves.

This is a waste of time and is damaging. Imagine yourself as a child, or imagine your child, or somebody that you really love, if they came to you with this problem and they said, “I did this and I feel so badly”, would you respond by berating them? Would you ever call them disgusting, or worthless? No, you would never say that! You’d hold them, you’d hug them. We have to come to a place where we’re able to see ourselves in this way. A place where we can treat ourselves with the same mercy and love and compassion that we show others.

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