You Are the Miracle

November 9, 2023
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In a few days, we welcome the New Moon of Sagittarius and the beginning of what we know as the month of miracles. A sense of the miraculous may be difficult for many of us to feel right now. But it is in moments of profound darkness that we need to connect to the consciousness of miracles. This New Moon gives us all not just the unique opportunity of the month of Sagittarius but the very real mandate to draw miracles with a new urgency.

Just as the moon is renewed with limitless Light each month, so are we. The caveat is we must connect to it consciously in order to draw it down.

Sagittarius is a month that serves as a cosmic window, an opening for us to recognize and manifest miracles of all kinds. It is for this reason that many cultures find this season to be associated with great joy and celebration. One such celebration is Chanukah, which begins on the 24th day of the month of Sagittarius and commemorates the great miracle of the few overcoming impossible odds and the Light overcoming the dark.

This year, Chanukah and its celebration will have a new meaning. The idea of Light prevailing over darkness is not only a certainty that we must work to cultivate, but it is also the most important and necessary consciousness to hold. The world is in need of miracles. So many of us are experiencing unfathomable pain and challenges, which is why it is more necessary than ever to use our thoughts, words, and actions to align with the Light and the energy of miracles as often and as consciously as possible.

When we tap into Sagittarius energy, we can draw down the full spectrum of divine Light and, like prisms, redirect it to bring color and vibrancy to the places where it’s needed most. We become literal beacons of Light on the planet through our work this month, and this intention can be seeded, most powerfully, on the New Moon. Once our intention is set, we make a commitment to hold this consciousness throughout the entire month.

Here are a few miracles that are here right now to help you tap into this energy and hold it for the month and beyond:

Everyday Miracles

The first thing that helps us in this endeavor is to acknowledge the miracles that are already in our lives—everything that we are already so blessed with (and it’s typically more than you think.) Yes, it can mean our family and friends, but it can also mean our steady heartbeat, the breath in our lungs, our homes, and even the ability to read this blog today. These are all miracles, and once you begin to notice them, you begin to see more and more. The appreciation we feel for the blessings we already have helps us to magnetize even more.

I am awed daily by the miracles in my own life, especially now. My family is a miracle, and so is the health I’m lucky enough to experience. Each relationship I have is, in its own way, a miracle… because the likelihood that any of us would meet one another in a world of almost 8 billion people is so small it’s practically impossible.

The Miracle of Your Desire to Seek

One miracle that we can all tap into this month is an awareness of the strongest instinct that each of us has: the desire to seek. The desire to seek joy, connection, solutions, growth, expansion, and love. Without this desire, no miracles could be drawn because there would be no vessel of desire for that miracle to land. No change, healing, or transformation would ever occur if there weren’t first someone there desiring it.

What is it you are seeking in your life?
What is it that you seek to share with the world?
How can your desire become a gift that you give to your community?

The Miracle of Unity Consciousness

The influx of that Sagittarian light can also help us reconnect with unity consciousness—that infinite feeling that envelopes us when we remember that there is no separation. When we see past this illusion of separateness, we become co-creators of a world that is accepting and peaceful for all. When we acknowledge this consciousness, we join forces with the source of all the miracles around us.

Miracles are needed today, and so often, they happen through us. The miracle we are all hoping for this year will come about as a result of our consciousness, our words, and our actions.


  1. MARIA HENAR CASADO GARCIA : November 14, 2023 at 11:16 am

    Cómo reconforta leer estas líneas en estos tiempos tan convulsos que estamos viviendo. Muchas gracias y bendiciones por la publicación.

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