You Can Heal Any Aspect Of Your Life—Here’s How

May 2, 2019
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I have an important question to ask you. Maybe it’s something you think about a lot, worry about, or conversely don’t give it the attention it deserves at all.

How do you feel about your health right now?

We have the opportunity this week, as we welcome the New Moon of Taurus. More than any other month of the year, Taurus grants us a greater ability to heal ourselves. This experience of health can manifest in a myriad of ways, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. It also brings us the nearly-too-simple reminder that the first step toward health in all areas is the belief and certainty that it is possible.

So I’ll ask again, for effect: how you do you feel about your health right now?

Maybe you feel great about your physical body. You work out consistently and pass your physicals with flying colors—but your relationships are struggling.

Perhaps you are experiencing enormous success professionally, you feel confident, and your marriage is thriving. But you’ve grown accustomed to insomnia that plagues you every night.

Or, your physical health is wonderful. You are content with nearly every area of your life, yet you can’t help but feel that something greater is missing.

Often, when we look at the area of our life that isn’t as healthy as we would like, we inevitably find resistance to healing the problem. And it’s usually because we don’t think that we have the power or the ability to heal it ourselves.

This comes from a false belief system that the majority of us have held at some point: Surgery heals. Therapists heal. Doctors and medicine heal. I can’t heal this myself.

Certainly, doctors, therapists, and medicine can greatly assist the healing process, but what happens when you break a bone, pull a muscle, or even come down with a cold? The doctor sends you home with the advice to rest and let it heal. Sure, they put a cast on it, but the cast doesn’t mend the bone. It merely provides the environment of stability that assists the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

You can probably see where I’m going with this: the healer that you’re looking for is you. And it begins with what you think about you and your health.

A study conducted in a suburban Pennsylvania hospital determined that post-operative patients with a hospital room view of trees and grass had shorter recovery stays and fewer complications than patients whose windows faced a brick wall. Other studies indicate that people with deeply held religious beliefs had a better prognosis than less devout patients. If something as simple as being able to see nature through a window can enhance the healing process, why is it so difficult to believe that we do in fact have a great deal of control over our health and healing?

The old adage “worried sick” is a very real thing. Fifteen years ago, researchers stumbled upon a striking find that solidifies the wisdom of this old saying. Through surveys, they found that women who believed they were prone to heart disease were nearly four times more likely to die of heart disease than women with similar risk factors who didn’t hold such fatalistic views. It had nothing to do with the usual heart disease indicators, such as age, cholesterol, or obesity. It came down to their belief. Think sick, be sick.

Conversely, when you believe in your ability to be healthy and also your ability to heal yourself in the event of trauma or illness, the effects are equally positive. In 1954, researcher Julian Rotter developed the concept of locus of control. (Locus means location.) This phrase refers to a person’s belief in whether they control their lives (internal locus) or if they believe that events and life outcomes are largely beyond their control (external locus).

Patients who were identified as having an internal locus of control (believing that they largely controlled their destiny) showed improved physical and mental health and a generally higher quality of life over those patients identified as having an external locus of control (believing that events outside their control were the overriding factor for how their lives unfolded).

Internal locus of control patients suffering from such life-threatening diseases as HIV, diabetes, kidney disease, and epilepsy fared better and maintained a higher quality of life than their external counterparts. Having certainty that you can heal is the most important part of healing; more than what doctor you see, what procedure you have, or what medicine you take.

Healing is one of the great gifts of the month of Taurus because, kabbalistically, Taurus is a month containing the duality of judgment and mercy. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the only inner planet with a clockwise rotation. Spiritually, this represents moving from the energy of judgment to that of mercy. Judgment often manifests as illness in the physical world, whereas mercy aids in healing.

Taureans tend not to be overly emotional or too sensitive. They value physical beauty and seek to surround themselves with nourishing and comfortable furnishings. They like being home, and they like their homes to be a sanctuary. They are steadfast and loyal, and perhaps, a bit stubborn. Yet, they also have the innate ability to see the good in just about everything. All of these positive qualities can assist in your path to healing and ultimate wellness. Lean into this supportive energy and use it to look at all the ways you may stifle your own healing.

While stepping outside a comfort zone is not a Taurus’ forte, it will only benefit you to find new ways of thinking and being, and it doesn’t need to be drastic. A big step toward health can be a small action; placing a beautiful plant in your bedroom, making relaxing baths a part of your weekly routine, and taking nice long walks as often as possible, never forgetting to admire the beauty all around you, or taking a moment to appreciate all the ways your body shows up for you.

This month facilitates your best self and best life. The healthier we are in our body and mind, the abler we are to meet every challenge with grace, positivity, and love.



How can you take advantage of the energies of Taurus—beauty, comfort, leisure, luxury—to create a healthier space in your mind, body, and spirit? I would love to hear your ideas!


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