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November 16, 2017
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This week ushers in the New Moon of Sagittarius and with it the energy of miracles. The word miracle is defined by Merriam Webster as “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.” Inexplicable. The work of divine agency. Sagittarius is a thrilling month for this very reason.

Sagittarians are known to be fun-loving risk takers, always on the lookout for new challenges and thrills. Whenever an opportunity for adventure arises, Sagittarians are the first to rush in; the more impossible the task, the greater their enthusiasm. And for Sagittarius, the impossible always seems to become possible. This power of inviting and attracting miracles isn’t solely wielded by those born under this sign — it is available to all of us especially during this month. All we have to do is create a space for our miracle to land, and we do this through our certainty and our effort.

A miraculous event occurred this November when opera-goers witnessed the highest note ever sung in the 137-year history of the Metropolitan Opera. Singer Audrey Luna is the voice behind it, and she relates the feeling of singing it to skydiving. One reviewer noted, “one would probably find it a miracle that any soprano could get . . . those notes to sound.” While this is a truly monumental feat, it didn’t come about without effort, determination, and a belief in her ability. She created a space for this “miracle” to arrive, and it did, in all of its stratospheric beauty.

Another example of the miraculous is that of French mathematician, scientist, and philosopher Rene Descartes who credited three of his biggest breakthroughs to a divine presence that visited him in his dreams. After one, he awoke, with the entire concept of analytic geometry fully formed in his mind. Most people know him for his famous quote, “I think, therefore I am.”

Famous aviator Charles Lindbergh told of “tiny, transparent-like creatures” that floated just outside the cabin of his airplane. “I saw them plain as day – transparent forms that moved freely about,” he wrote in The Spirit of St. Louis, 1953. “They looked grim and menacing, but I never once felt frightened.” He recounted that the spirits were kind, had gentle voices, and carried on full conversations with him, even reviewing his flight plan and reassuring him of his safety.

There are thousands of accounts of people experiencing miracles. Many people report that miracles are just as-yet-unexplained scientific phenomena. But does that make them any less miraculous? The first doses of life-saving penicillin given in 1930 were miraculous to people who may well have died without them.

The Bible, as well as the Zohar, tells another story of the kind of miracle that we can manifest when our life seems impossible. It is the story of Ovadyahu, who died leaving many debts behind that his wife couldn’t repay.

In the story, his wife went to the prophet Elisha asking for a miracle, and he replied, “Tell me what you have in your house. Because blessings from above do not rest on an empty table, and they do not rest in an empty place.”  She said, “I have nothing in my house except a small measure of oil.” She had only enough oil to cover her little finger. But after hearing this, Elisha said to her, “You have now given me an opening. Now that I understand that you have a small amount of oil, there is a place for the blessings to come down and rest.”

That was when the miracle appeared for her. The small amount of oil that she had in her house overflowed and filled so many vessels that she was able to sell it to pay off all her debts. The Zohar says, “Through awakening in our physical world, we awaken lights in the supernal worlds. Because the supernal Lights, the flow of energy, of Light, of blessings, do not come from above until there is a vessel, an awakening created from below, by us. But if there is emptiness, if there is nothing there, then the miracle, the blessings, cannot rest, cannot come down.” Just like the small amount of oil, or the 1% chance, that is all the that is needed to create a miracle.

All of us are blessed with the gift of miracle-making this month — whether we are achieving personal heights or creating light in the darkness.

When we want to awaken miracles big or small, we have to find where the opening is. We will not draw down blessings and miracles into our lives with hope alone. It is our certainty and trust in the Creator that create the opening.

Miracles happen every day. We are so accustomed to chalking it up to good luck that we seldom see them for what they are—manifestations of our actions. When you create a miracle through your actions, the Light produces a miracle in return. Famous Sagittarian Winston Churchill remarked, “Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” We are surrounded by more miracle-making energy this month than the entire rest of year. What miracles will you create?

Thought into Action

Is there something that you have desired, but considered it too far-fetched, too impossible? Create a space for a miracle by using your certainty and effort.





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